Schiit Urd CD Transport vs Marantz CD6007 Player

What makes Schiit transport better than Marantz?
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The original post starts with a premise based on assumptions about a yet to be released product and closely resembles a promotional platform

You may as well ask ,“Schiit are about to release a new dedicated CD transport, what makes it sound better than a typical CD player when employed as a transport“. Thus providing a platform for promotion of a new product and a general Schiit gushfest, as is evidenced. Sorry.

Marantz makes a darn good CD player. I have been using my Marantz hd cd1 as a transport for years. It sounds fantastic to my ears and has never skipped a beat
Yes, but you have already been told the Schiit transport (which has yet to be released) sounds better. We want to know why the Schiit sounds better, not how good your Marantz sounds. That‘s the actual question posed at the beginning of the thread.
It's built from expectations unconstrained by anything physical.
Was that you, or the Schiit promotions agency? If it‘s you I think you‘ve just found a well paid job