Schiit Urd CD Transport vs Marantz CD6007 Player

What makes Schiit transport better than Marantz?
It will have Unison USB output.  That might only make it better if you have a DAC with Unison USB input.

If Mike Moffat (Schiit owner) had anything to do with it, it will be a cracker. He's is the one that put Theta Digital on the hiend map.

Cheers George 
I would not be able to say other than schiit gear is designed by the guy from theta and they were one of the true originators in good sounding digital gear. I am sure it will perform and sound better than marantz because of this fact.
Marantz makes a darn good CD player. I have been using my Marantz hd cd1 as a transport for years. It sounds fantastic to my ears and has never skipped a beat. 
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