Schiit Sol turntable owners out there?

I'm keen to share tips & tricks with other owners. I've owned mine for 3 months now. Ordered with the Grado. 

I am pretty sure that I saw Jason from Schitt on youtube stating that the Sol will be discontinued. It may have been on audiophiliac's channel. Jason is incredibly candid discussing supply chain issues, etc. It's cool that they are proactively adapting what they do based on parts availability and related challenges. Too many other just take your money and tell you to wait.

A shame as the Sol had a lot of promise for aspiring vinylistas. Cheers,




"This school of design is what I don't like"


I think most here aren't to interested  in what you don't  like. IMHO.

You could read what I asked instead of cut and paste one frase @mr_m 


Why modern belt drive turntables are all look a like ?

Here is Simon Yorkee design 


This has a parallel. Why are so many speaker designs bass reflex? It should answer itself. If I had a pet peeve, it would be that every year, the audio industry turns out one rectangular black box after another announcing a ’sleek, sexy unit’. New, before now, unreachable technology time after time.

So then we have a few examples of TT design, proper or not. Honestly, I wasn’t really considering whether this design was proper or not, simply due to the fact that I was unaware of the difference between them in performance. I do revere the classics of design. Incredibly striking in appearance and in some cases performance. But really, what drew me instantly to this unit was the possibility of experimentation and adjustment. Now I really do believe that more than one TT is required for this luxury. One designed for spot on performance practically out of the box (any suggestions?), and one to play with, but not a toy. Definitely aimed more toward learning by practice, the value of physics.

I sold the Sol a few weeks ago. Listed on the mart, sans cart, for $500 and it sold in 30 minutes. New owner very happy with it. I dug the Sol but my ladyfriend wouldn't touch it. I don't blame her, that thing was like playing jenga. Bought a clearaudio concept but the arm is too finicky, won't hold the vtf and the a.s. seems to move with each play.

Just ordered a Marantz TT-15, should arrive in a couple weeks given how slow shipping is now. Ergo, we shall see. Hope it's a keeper.