Schiit Sol turntable owners out there?

I'm keen to share tips & tricks with other owners. I've owned mine for 3 months now. Ordered with the Grado. 
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The engineered flexibility is extraordinary. Ergo I started the thread to gather owner input on how they're optimizing. 
What TT did you own before this, I'm interested in how it compares to other TT.
Nobody owns one of these? 
@billwojo My other is the Denon VL12, dj model. I returned to vinyl a year ago. I don't really compare them as have Ortofon Blue on the denon, Grado Opus3 on the Sol, also different pre's, etc. Both sound great to me; esp after a couple decades of digital only (liking that less & less). 
Sill no other owners? Or they're too busy spinning to reply. 
From what I know, the Sol has only been available for a short time.  I also heard that not many were shipping, meaning not that many folks own one yet.  Give it time, and I'd say you will get more responses.  Also,  consider yourself an early adopter. 
If Schitt has a Facebook group you might want to try posting there instead of here.  Also there are some other good Facebook groups devoted to turntable users.  Turntable Talk is the one I'm on and I find it very useful.  Lots of users on there and a wide diversity of gear is discussed.  

 I actually considered this TT very recently, but it wouldn't ship until April 27. Also, after reading an article by Mr. Fremer, it occurred to me that so much adjustability can also encourage much error. Tweaky was one of the words he used to describe this TT. I am all for it if you have the steady hands and Xray vision still in tact. I sir, do not.
Oh that's interesting the queue is that long. Mine arrived in a few days, back in Oct or so. Selling out quick perhaps. Be great to have more users out there.

Yes indeed: many variables to be user adjusted. Which prompted my OP, tips and tricks, discoveries, etc. It's pretty easy to setup, but getting it dialed in is an ongoing process. Part of the appeal to me actually. 
If my Technics bit the dust I would be all over this. Seems like a tremendous TT for the Money.