Schiit - shipments stopped?

Think they have stopped shipping, maybe ceased ops.

business failures do happen.

my order placed end of nov and no word.  I email and receive generic replies.

This little piggy went - - - all the way home.

Would be nice if they had human contact with customers. Clearly, they could careless about customers being inconvenienced.

what a mess

Like I said.  Cancel your order with Schiit.  Go to a dealer and buy a pre that they have in stock, if you want human contact.  People that want their hand held through the process do not order online, it's kind of the point of selling online.  No one is there, its just you and your computer.  

You are not cut out to buy things online, emerger.  Once you realize this you will be much happier.  The wanker lure is for trollers I thiink.
It’s fine with me if the OP complains, just probably blowing off steam. It’s a tense time for many right now. 

I’m thankful my family is healthy and we have food to eat and a safe place to live. The older I get, the more clearly I recognize my shortcomings.

I’m ashamed of the times I’ve hurt others with my words or deeds. My goal is to better.

Best wishes for a great 2021 everyone.
Schiit at the least should answer the darn phone and explain issues.  It's called customer service.  I would have walked a month ago, then again I would have never got involved with company who's name is a joke.
I ordered my Freya+ 6/26/2020, shipped on 8/10/2020, received 8/13/2020(CA resident).  I was under the complete understanding it would be delayed.  For what it’s worth... It’s worth the wait IMHO.