Schiit - shipments stopped?

Think they have stopped shipping, maybe ceased ops.

business failures do happen.

my order placed end of nov and no word.  I email and receive generic replies.

Would be nice if they had human contact with customers. Clearly, they could careless about customers being inconvenienced.

what a mess
@emergingsoul - clearly Schiit's approach to customer service isn't working for you. Why don't you cancel your order and move on instead of continuing to gripe about it. 
I ordered an Aegir amp Last week and had an issue with my credit card being dinged twice, My fault I believe I double clicked by mistake, they cleared it up the same day vie an email request. no issues with time to respond so maybe give them an email and ask for a status. don't email their general inquiries line though email their order email. Laura replied same day so I see no issues, I believe they are having a very good year at Schiit most audio companies are and are busy. Also getting supplies is harder right now so delays are to be expected.

We are in a pandemic and all nothing is happening fast right now. 
There was a fishing lure called a Wanker in the US, are you suggesting Emergingsoul is trolling or do you expect septics to understand British slang?
Great comment, especially if the misspelling (?) was not deliberate.  - says use it if you have questions about your order