Schiit - shipments stopped?

Think they have stopped shipping, maybe ceased ops.

business failures do happen.

my order placed end of nov and no word.  I email and receive generic replies.

We have been through a lot.  We NEEDED toilet paper and basic items.  We WANT our toys and cry and cry when mommy says the toys are gone.   

Parts supplies shortages
Employees staying home
Government regs
Record sales due to people at home.

They are very clear about using email.  I receive prompt replies.  They are clear about building it now.  

Dont buy those speakers that are 6 months backordered.
Would be nice if they had human contact with customers. Clearly, they could careless about customers being inconvenienced.

what a mess
@emergingsoul - clearly Schiit's approach to customer service isn't working for you. Why don't you cancel your order and move on instead of continuing to gripe about it. 
I ordered an Aegir amp Last week and had an issue with my credit card being dinged twice, My fault I believe I double clicked by mistake, they cleared it up the same day vie an email request. no issues with time to respond so maybe give them an email and ask for a status. don't email their general inquiries line though email their order email. Laura replied same day so I see no issues, I believe they are having a very good year at Schiit most audio companies are and are busy. Also getting supplies is harder right now so delays are to be expected.

We are in a pandemic and all nothing is happening fast right now. 
There was a fishing lure called a Wanker in the US, are you suggesting Emergingsoul is trolling or do you expect septics to understand British slang?
Great comment, especially if the misspelling (?) was not deliberate.