Schiit - shipments stopped?

Think they have stopped shipping, maybe ceased ops.

business failures do happen.

my order placed end of nov and no word.  I email and receive generic replies.

I ordered my Freya+ in early December.  They said it was backordered at the time.

I emailed them last week and received an immediate reply.  They are waiting for parts.  They expect delivery and resumed production in the next week or so.

Hope that helps.

BTW, you have a 30-60 wait for a bit of audio these days.  Folks waited months for Magnepan LRS when they came out.  Some don't even build until an order is placed.
I ordered a Jotunheim R last Thursday night, it shipped Friday and it is arriving this Thursday with standard shipping. My third piece of Schiit :)
the supply chain in all categories has seen some serious upheaval. Audio electronic equipment included.

all audio manufacturers are having issues with parts procurements and labor due to , guess what? Covid.
Especially in California.
So have a scotch, put your slippers on and relax, Max!
Omg, for freya plus it states IN PRODUCTION, SHIPS 7-10 DAYS.
of course when shipped this adds time, AND a tracking number.

my item was ordered 2 months ago. Clearly this language is misleading. Via received email, they are unable to advise when product will ship. This is sign of a clear problem.  

Preamps are a serious problem. Interested in any comments about preamp receipt.

The more I read this thread the more convinced I become that the OP has found his way onto Dean Wormer's double-secret probation list....