Schiit Saga and headphones

I'm thinking of upgrading my Audiolab 8000a amplifier to something better and one of the options I'm considering is Schiit Saga preamp plus one of the power amps (Vidar for example). I'm already have their Bifrost DAC and enjoy it very much. The rest of the system is Rega Planar 3 turntable with Ortofon Blue, cheap CD player (digital out to Bifrost) and Monitor Audio RX-6 speakers.  I realize that I would need to get phono preamp as well if I go with Saga.

What I'm puzzled about is how I could continue using my headhones with Bifrost/Saga/Vidar stack? None of these seems to have a headphone out from what I can tell. Would I have to buy yet another headphone preamp and use some sort of the switch or what? It's getting a bit more complicated then that I would like it to be :)

Would appreciate your advice. Thanks.

My advice is to call Schiit. They are friendly, knowledgeable and fair. They can tell you you the best combination with their equipment. 
You would need a headphone amp with the Saga. The Schiit Magni  headphone amp is inexpensive and very good. The Saga has 2 outputs so one could be used for headphone amp. 
Yep, use the second set of saga outs to go to a headphone amp of your choice. Magni is great, as well as JDS Labs Atom and Monolith liquid spark all come to mind for under $100. Have fun!