Schiit Ragnarok Problems (Low QA)

Just got my Ragnarok,

current setup:

Mcintosh MHA-100
Marantz HD-DAC1

For my surprise the volume knob is fully disconnected and cannot be connected back without being loosely and that means that for controlling the volume i literally just use the bare metal connector to increase/decrease it.

The Amplifier make horrible noise when turn the volume up or down and the music cut during this operation.

The headphone cables are great, also the Amplifier make these noises without being connected.

Really disappointed from Schiit, their sound might be great but the built quality is subpar to the Mcintosh or even much cheaper gear.

unfortunantley ill need to return it :(
There is probably an allen screw on the volume control knob to tighten it to the shaft.  Probably just worked loose in shipping.

Do you have any idea regarding the  static noise when increasing / decreasing the volume ? besides that its sounds like a dream.
I couldn't find the allen screw and suspect they simply forgot it, i can put some small paper , here is the question, should i return it for this ?
I would call them and see what they say first. A loose knob is one thing, but a staticy volume control is another
In my opinion, non of that is acceptable. Email them about starting a warranty claim, they're pretty good about getting things fixed.
If it were me, I'd send it back right away and ask for a replacement. Not saying this is what happened but places that have a generous home trial policy sometimes may inadvertently reship a component without a full (re) inspection. This has happened to me before with other vendors. Hard to believe they'd ship a product from the factory in that condition.
Yea, it makes a lot of sense since I've asked only few days before when they are going to ship the Ragi and the reply: was still backordered and suddenly two days after they sent me shipment notice.

After sending their technical support the video with the volume schiit technician replied: 
That is the relay stepped attenuator doing its job. Completely normal.

"The Amplifier make horrible noise when turn the volume up or down and the music cut during this operation."

The tech's response is true for the second half of the statement above. Music will mute the instant(s) the attenuator relay switches between resistors.

I would call them and see what they say first.

Unfortunately, Schiit does not answer the phone or return calls. They are only responsive to emails.

I decided to stick with the Ragi, its sound quality is simply beyond any imagination !

ill go ahead and sale my MHA-100, no need for both.

For now using the Marantz DAC-1 until the Yiggrdasil will arrive. Ordered micro tiny screws to tight the volume knob.
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