Schiit Ragnarok 2 (Fully-Loaded) / Digital USB input / No optical

Greetings All, I've just received my new Ragnarok 2 and am excited to set it up later this week. I didn't realize until after I ordered the R2 "fully-loaded" that the internal DAC card requires a USB input. My mistake obviously. This was surprising since almost all of the Schiit DACs are equipped with Toslink/Optical inputs. This currently puts me in a pickle because in addition to playing vinyl, I like to stream lossless files from my Mac to an Airport Express utilizing it's optical output. I haven't found a device / adapter to convert an optical audio signal to a USB, so I may be forced to use an external DAC rendering my purchase of the R2's internal DAC pointless. I may decide to exchange this fully loaded R2 to the "Just an Amp" version, but prefer an all in one box solution since our space is limited. Any thoughts, suggestions etc are most welcome. I have 14 of 15 days left with Schiit's return/exchange policy. 
Before you get too concerned, why don't you do a direct connection from your Mac to the usb input of the Ragnarok 2. This will give you an idea if the sound is worth chasing or if you should consider an external dac. Another option is if you have a home network, you might consider a Raspberry pi or Allo to render from the network to usb. The dac inside your Schiit for that kind of money is probably ok but not worth chasing with too much money.
Thank you ghasley! Now I'm leaning toward simply re-ordering the R2 barebones and use the DAC I've been using until I upgrade after everything has burned in. I've been considering a Modi or BitFrost Multibit which must be superior to the internal DAC of the R2.
cbob, Airport Express, that I use with Benchmark DAC3, has some small jitter (280ps) and optical connection, that is prone to convert system noise into jitter.  USB interface, as long as it is asynchronous, doesn't have this problem but might inject some noise (hence jitter) into DAC by direct connection to computer.  Hard to tell which is better.  I have both available, but decided to stay with AE because my computer is located on the opposite wall.  If you decide to return and get separate DAC you might possibly get jitter suppressing DAC or insert reclocker before DAC.
Thx kijanki! much appreciated. I've heard back from Schiit and it sounds like they'll be setting up an RA so I can reorder the amp alone. I've always wondered how much jitter is introduced via Airport Express, but the convenience factor was enough to keep me from delving further. When I pull the trigger on a DAC upgrade I'll explore more... 
What about the inboard phono pre? If your budget allows, you might consider keeping the Rag you have. The dac included is probably better than you think and better than nothing. It gives you an upgrade path by giving you a baseline. Also, no additional interconnects needed right now. Additionally, resale will be decent with those options installed and moreover, who is to say Schiit won't release nice upgrades?

In the future, you can always add an external dac when the budget allows but you need to get away from the airport express. Definitely consider rendering your music differently than you are currently. Google Allo or Uptone versions. The least expensive options available will kill the airport express sound wise. 
What DAC do you presently use?
I have no current plans to use the internal phono section because I'm moving the turntable is moving to another system (with ample space for it).  I've been using the internal DAC on my 12 yr old Cambridge Audio's Azur 740. The player includes an optical in which has been super convenient, lovely, transparent,  dynamic etc. this was great for several years, but it developed a 'shearing' sound at certain frequencies, I'm not sure why. If it was related to the Airport Express, it would've been there from the start. The internal Cambridge DAC doesn't make this sound when being fed by the internal CD transport of the unit but streaming from the Airport Express causes it. I've tried a couple other less expensive DACs, but wanted to have an integrated solution since so many components seem to include them these days. But I do like to stay updated, so idea of a stand alone DAC when I'm ready to pull the trigger seems like the best bet. And Schiit offers great upgrades at fair prices.  And I haven't even opened the RAG2 so an exchange will be simple according to Grover at Schiit. 
Will you be using the headphone section? If not, then maybe a vidar, a saga and a bifrost mb?
Yes, I’ll be using Focal Elears and now leaning toward a Bifrost MB for the DAC