Schiit not shipping

Anybody else only receiving lip service instead of customer service from Schiit Audio? In March I ordered three products and today May 28th they say they have no idea when any might ship, saying the Freya production is stopped. Back order dates have come and gone without any explanation or contact. 
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Sounds like they are giving you a bunch of Shiit.  Sorry, couldn't resist.
If it is made by Schiit, sounds like Schiit, sold by Schiit, not shipped by Schiit, you are left with no Schiit. ... Tough Schiit, at least you didn't get any bad Schiit. Hope you get the money back you paid for that Schiit. ;-)
Info on the Schiit website says Freya is backordered until 6/6.
Your Schiit out of luck I guess...
Sounds like they are having trouble getting their Schitt together. 

No really, I know at least Mr. Moffet is particular about what parts he uses, and if they can't get the parts...entirely possible the parts suppliers haven't told them when they will ship...thus, Schiit rolls downhill. 

But I'd hope and expect they would pass that info along to customers who are waiting. Which again, is needing to get your s**t together.
I guess the Schiit has hit the fan!
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I really don’t give a Schiit!
Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking the high ground here. 
Don't think I have ever read so many terrible puns in such a short post count!
Keep it up, this forum could use some light relief!

Schiit happens.....
This Schiit is just endlessly funny. Not the back-orders of course just the puns.
Schiit now has IBS, from its suppliers and on 6-6  Relief in part 
horrible customer service .ifthere was an issue .they should have posted 
online their issues and offered to cancel the order for anyone that can’t wait .
insteadof stone wallingyou, that is Very  unprofessional and a touch sleepy.
i didnot expected that from them.

You are one of many I have heard complaining about the delay of Freya. I love my Freya and I would say the wait is worth  your trouble. When I talked to them last they were having some supplier issues for Vidar this may have eventually fallen into issues with Freya. 
audioman58, no Schiit. This situation may be beyond their control, but they have a responsibility to adequately explain what is happening to their customers. If, as your post states, orders will be shipped on 6-6, that should have been communicated.
I got my Saga last month a few days after I ordered it.  I am pretty sure it said at the time that the Freya was backordered.  Hopefully they can resolve their supplier issues.  I bought my Vidar on eBay because they were backordered.
Seriously the true measure of any company is how they handle the bad times, its all smiles when all is good.
Communication is paramount here.
Or this rap could end up sticking to them like schiit to a blanket....

I’m in need of a new preamp, and I’m interested in the Freya. What tubes did you get. Why do you love it... PM me please and sell me. 😀


I would call and stir-up some Schiit.
I have been in line for an upgrade since Feb. They tell me the issue is getting the USB boards. Small companies rely on a supply chain of parts. However as this has extended one would think alternate sources could be found. They are not a very big company and I am sure they would like to be completing orders. Still whoever is in charge o0f purchasing has stepped in...
I ordered the Freya on about April 27, and watched the Schiit Freya page for updates.  The “back ordered until” date changed twice, and after the second change, I canceled my Freya order and ordered the Saga instead.
 I can sympathize somewhat with what Schiit may be experiencing, I believe they are growing and are selling quite a lot of some items.  It would be nice to have an explanation for the delays, but there’s probably not much they can do besides wait for the parts at this point.  

I received the Saga, and found it needed to be broken in somewhat.  At first it sounded a little sterile and I could not detect a difference between the two modes.

 But after 18 hours or so it’s easy to hear a difference between passive and tube active.  The Saga has great detail and imaging, with some 3D presentation at this point.  I have mid level Mortow and audioquest cables, the Bifrost Multibit, Nad C565BEE CD player and current model Adcom 555SE.  Oh, and Totem Sky speakers(also Rainmakers and Sierra 2)

If the Saga is this good, I can’t help but wonder what the Freya will do in a good system.

 I think I’m becoming a schiit head, to continue the pun one liners, they really are delivering value and excellent performance, it’s worth the wait.
Complete crock of schiit 💩 
**You may be up schiit creek without a paddle - or in this case a Freya.**

Seriously, Hope you get this worked out ASAP.
So in response to my request for a time update for my upgrade order: 

I’m sorry but we do not yet have the parts to produce more Gen 5 USB. The technology sector is currently booming, and some of the parts we require are in high demand. Parts suppliers are having a difficult time keeping up with the height in demand, and unfortunately this trickles down to manufacturers, including us.   We will not be able to produce any more Gen 5 USB boards or approve any more Gen 5 USB upgrades until we receive the parts we require. I’m sorry but I do not have an ETA since it ultimately depends on when we get the parts.

Many small companies are feeling the same pinch. At least here is one that is not willing to compromise quality by using any substitution available just to meet order demand.

This entire issue is my fault because I've been saying nice things about my Freya (which I think I waited maybe a month for when they were in backorder limbo last November). I still think it's a cool, great sounding preamp, and mine didn't have a noise issue (!), but I will retract my endorsement nonetheless until the shipping settles down: Don't buy a Freya, it's bad bad bad. There ya go, now everything should be fine.
And here I thought they were the Schiitake!
I bought one of those $49. two input switch boxes. I forget the name of the unit, but I must say, I was very pleased with my first piece of Schiit gear.
I recently purchased a Modi 2 Uber DAC for my MAC...I received it three days after I ordered it. Great sounding DAC right out the box!!
It should shipped soon!   

It took five truck loads. UPS has reported delivering 3 tons of roughage just the other day..

Maybe just constipation. Give them a heavy dose of Miralax and everyone will get their Schiit all at once.
i would also like to state that I have affiliation, professional or otherwise with Miralax.
Really not a fan of Schiit. A lot of their gear measures like actual crap. And I assume the people who think the name is funny are the same ones who would, say, laugh at beer commercials. Then there’s the group of sycophants from various other forums....yuck.
This thread reminds me of:

@emcdade:  I laugh every now and then at beer commercials. I guess that makes me an unsophistimicated mouthbreather 
It seems that more and more folk are preferring the Saga over the Freya due to it's transparency. Some audio industry heavyweights with VERY high end systems have been seen using the Saga. Unless you need the extra gain of the Freya, I'd suggest picking up a Saga. I love mine, it's a giant killer.
That's it...the beer commercial fans are over-ordering Freyas! I nearly bought a Saga but I like the 3 way "tube-non tube switching" (the Saga has that also...just one less stage), balanced ins and outs, and, of course, the sound of the Freya...and I do actually need the gain of the tube section to drive my little SEP amp. I have recommended Sagas to friends looking for a preamp bargain with no complaints as it's also brilliant. I have only experienced 2 Schiit items in my rig, the Freya and Loki, and if they're any measure of what Schiit is generally all about, it's working out fine regardless of the silly name and alleged "measurement" issues. Thousands of beer commercial fans can't be wrong!
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Based on past experience I would be very wary of sending a company any money until it is demonstrated that existing backlogs have been cleared and new orders are being delivered in a timely manner.

Caveat emptor.
I'm thinking this has gone too far.  The guilty parties know who they are.

I think these excuses have gotten to be a load of bull.  Shiit and their reputation shouldn't be flowing downhill, they should have some honor.

I'm afraid I've got a bit of a temper, so if I was close enough I'd find the Shiit head of the company and kick the Freya out of him.
Another solution to Schiit's shipping issues is to raise the price of the Freya by maybe a thousand bucks or so. Problem solved.
I think enough is enough
this Schiit has to stop right now!
That's funnier that a beer commercial. Thanks
A slightly different issue, it took >3 weeks for Schiit to do the Yggdrasil Analog 2 upgrade, it will finally get back to me next week.
The sonics/value/quality of their gear is sometimes overhyped, and their CS is terse, but they’ve got their order fulfillment down pat. If they can’t deliver then I do believe it’s because suppliers are putting them through the ringer, despite their best efforts at mitigations. You’ll get your gear as soon as humanly possible, and it will work fine. If the earth opens up and swallows all of the parts they needed, you’ll probably get a prompt full refund along with a terse "apology" email.

This isn’t like SOME small-scale manufacturers of the industry, where you start to wonder if you’ll ever see a box (working or not) for the something-K dollars you plunked down long ago.
Your faith in human nature is heartwarming, if somewhat misplaced.

I feel that a sense of ownership and brand loyalty is clouding objectivity and clear thinking with respect to this issue. Making excuses for a companies‘ poor performance is their responsibility, not yours.
Good things are worth waiting for.  I requested my Analog and Gen 5 upgrade in February.  Was notified to send in the Ygg 5/8 sent it in 5/12 got it back yesterday.  Good things are worth waiting for.  Its not broken in yet but noticable change.  Hate to say it but it sounds closer to analog in many ways.  
Sad to hear there are parts problems for the Gen5 upgrade.  Schitt happens.

I own the Saga and it's awesome. I am so happy with it that I sold my $1700 tube preamp and this little $349.00 single tube preamp now is in my main system, in front of an Odyssey Khartago SE+++ solid state power amp. The first thing one usually notices with the Saga is just how transparent it sounds and how the tube circuit breathes life into the soundstage. I have been an audiophile for nearly 45 years, have owned preamps over 10x the cost (1980's dollars) of the Saga and I just love how this thing sounds, with the tube in the circuit.  I also love how Schiit executes the relay-switched stepped attenuator volume control and that it has two pre out RCA jacks, so at night, I just power down the power amp and turn on my headphone amp and run the Saga (with tube circuit) into the headphone amp (Schiit Lyr 2 tube amp), controlling volume with the Saga's remote. My only two nitpicks with the Saga is I wish the volume had the 128 step volume control instead of the 64 step one and if one of the preouts was on/off switch controlled so I could just keep the Odyssey powered up 24/7.  That said, just buy a Saga and save yourself $350.  The Saga is, IMHO, probably the best. Price/Performance piece of audio gear I have had the pleasure  to own!
I should correct the thought mentioned earlier about plunking down your payment to Schiit to only wait weeks or longer.  Schiit doesn’t charge your cc until they are going to ship your item.  I was on the order list for the Freya for almost a month and cancelling to order did not get a “terse” response at all.  A polite acknowledgement is more like it.

on the Saga, yep, I’m really loving this unit!  I’ll even risk more ire from the nay sayers and encourage cable tweaking.  I’ve been breaking in the Saga and just this evening realized I was still using the stock power cord.  I swapped in a cheap Pangea 14 MKII, and got a nice surprise.  this would be system dependant and YMMV, of course.  

i believe best results are had when each component has an upgraded cord, and that’s what I’ve got.  If anyone is thinking about a Saga, theyve got a few b stock versions available at present.
My experience with the Saga is interesting.  I first bought the little cheap passive Sys just for fun.  I put it in my system and was really really impressed.  I thought, if this Sys is so good, then the Saga must be unreal.  I picked one up and gosh darn it, that cheap little Sys actually sounds ever so slightly better.  I know it shouldn’t and I feel ridiculous having my system driven by such a cheap preamp.  Every few weeks I’ll think I’m crazy and put the Saga back in the system and every time I end up preferring the Sys.
That’s funny, while I was waiting for the Freya, I bought a sys too.  I was quite impressed for $50 too, but in my system I thought it was harsh and bright at times.   Like it needed some buffering.   The Saga is better in that regard and I love the tube circuit, better volume system and remote.

but the sys did surprise me.