Schiit Multibits vs Chord Mojo

Now that Schiit has three multibit DACs that are fairly reasonably priced, (Modi Multibit, Bifrost Multibit, and Gungnir Multibit), I was wondering if anyone has heard/compared any of the above DACs to the Chord Mojo. The Mojo has good reviews, but I don't listen to headphones, so I would prefer to go with a DAC that doesn't have a headphone amplifier and isn't portable.

Any sonic differences that you have heard between the multibit Schiit DACs would be appreciated.

Input to this DAC will be from an Auralic Aries Mini music player/streamer, if that makes any difference.

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You are comparing apples to oranges. The most comparable Chord DAC's are the  2Qute or DAVE, of which I can see no price(nor have I heard).
Schiit has a 15 day money back guarantee, why not try out the Bifrost or Modi?
I own the Bifrost multibit and can say without hesitation that it performs outstandingly.
I just bought the Modi Multibit, but haven't had time to hook it up.
The DAVE is a $13K dac/preamp, so would not bear comparison to the Schiit models.
The QuteEx (discontinued), 2Qute, the Hugo and Hugo TT are the comparable models, although at higher price points than Schiit.

I would also like to hear from users of the Multibit models.
Swear I posted on this thread and my reply was removed. I have no idea why, and wonder if mods are deleting posts without notifying poster that it's happened or why. Anybody?

I compared Schiit Gungnir Multibit to Chord Hugo in my system and bought the Schiit Gungnir. So happy with it. Paired with Sonore microRendu, it's gotten raves from many visitors, a couple who've bought Gungnirs or Yggys since then. Cheers,

I think I remember reading it, they both advertise in the dealers directory, so it can't be that?

Cheers George
I am sure that there will be multiple comparisons on HeadFi. The sound quality reported there should equally apply to speaker systems. Love my Mojo, and hope to hear the Multibit one of these days...
Can anybody speak to the difference in SQ between the Bifrost Multibit and the Gungnir Multibit?
Besides having balanced outputs, I'm wondering if the Gungnir is vastly superior in sonics; or if the Bifrost Multibit is the best bang for the buck.

Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread, edincleve.
@Lowrider I recall your question being discussed on CA. I haven't heard the Bifrost Multibit (aka Bimby). Cheers,
Lowrider, I wish I knew more about DAC's to answer your question.
I contacted Schiit about this and they said they never offer opinions regarding sound quality-which I can partially understand, but disagree as a way to sell equipment.
Maybe, I'll give it another shot. This time asking what technical differences there are between the models, and why it should make a difference.
This is the answer to my query:

I’m afraid we don’t get into detailed subjective oratory about our products, nor speculate on what you might hear:


That said, the product descriptions, and especially the FAQ, have detailed information on what’s going on technically with our various DACs.


Sorry to be unhelpful.


Nick T.

Schiit Tech

Multibit DACs convertors are:
Yggy's    AD5791BRUZ

Gungnir  AD5781BRUZ

Bitfrost    AD5547CRUZ

As for the sound of each?? that's maybe a google search.

Cheers George 

Thanks, guys. Will keep searching for user reviews.

   One thing I can tell you regarding the Chord DAC's is that they use wall-wart power supplies, whereas the Bifrost Multibit has an internal PSU and you can use your own power cord.

 I owned a Chord QuteHD DAC and although it was extremely smooth, it lacked bass due to the switched-mode power supply (SMPS) in the wall-wart, rather than a using a linear PSU. Now, the Bifrost is probably using a switched-mode chip as well, but it is a better design in terms of power supply since there are separate supplies for digital and analog sections.
No problem, that was exactly one of my questions.

When I contacted Schiit, I got the same non-answer that gdrnrbob did. I can understand them not getting into comparisons with other manufacturer's products, but to not comment on their own, makes no sense. Why buy a more expensive Schiit product if they can't even describe the differences?
+1 Edincleve
I own both the Modi and Bifrost Multibit. They perform admirably, especially considering their price. But, with their attitude, i wouldn't bother considering the more expensive units. 
If other stereo manufacturers can elucidate the differences in their model line up-without divulging proprietary secrets, I see no reason Schiit cannot. It seems they are full of themselves, literally.

Thanks for your input. I was shocked by their attitude too. Your final comment gave me the biggest laugh of the day! I even read it to my wife and she got a kick out of it.
The last person I'd ask to describe the sound of a product is the manufacturer.  What do you think they will say?  "Oh it's okay but there are better things out there for the money."  No, they come up with superlatives no matter what it sounds like.

i think that's why Schiit takes the stance they do.

Maybe you didn't read my 08-28-2016 @ 9:10am post

"I can understand them not getting into comparisons with other manufacturer's products, but to not comment on their own, makes no sense. Why buy a more expensive Schiit product if they can't even describe the differences?" on 08-28-2016 @ 9:10am

As far as comparing their products to competitor's products, if they say it's just better, of course that is meaningless. But if they can describe audible differences that might influence one's interest in purchasing their product.

+1 Edincleve.
Even if they don't want to get into 'sound differences'- which are subjective, they can at least provide some information concerning the build of the unit. ie. 'Why is a Gunginir more than a Bifrost, why is a Bifrost more than a Modi'? I don't want their secrets, just a simple explanation of what they are putting in the machine.
By having a snarky FAQ page, they almost want buyers to hate them, but since they are so talented, they can get away with anything. 
Gee, maybe they should go into politics...
I can understand them not getting into comparisons with other manufacturer's products, but to not comment on their own, makes no sense. Why buy a more expensive Schiit product if they can't even describe the differences?
Not trying to get off topic, but I once called Rogue Audio regarding the differences between 2 preamps. The rep gladly explained some of the sonic differences and how the different tube types and power supplies gave these units their sonic signature.
No trade secrets revealed in that conversation.
Well, there are long long Schiit threads on HeadFi where you can find more listening impressions and comparisons than you can shake a stick at. Not a company where there is a lack of impressions. Plus, they have a good return policy, so you can listen for yourself with your system.

BTW, not accurate to describe the Chord Mojo as having a SMPS. It is powered by its battery, which is charged by a SMPS. 
I want to thank everyone for commenting. It really did help.

Well I finally have a separate DAC. I just got the Schiit Modi Multibit DAC yesterday morning. It's the cheapest multibit they make ($250). I left it on all night, and will continue to leave it on. When I listened to it this afternoon, I noticed the improvement right away. Vocals were a little more forward and one could hear more of singer actually making the sounds. In playing Cantate Domino one could hear more of venue where it was recorded, which was in a church, and the soprano was just sounded better, more "there". The differences were obvious enough that my wife even commented on it, and she admitted that she didn't like the fact that she did notice it. She's afraid I'll upgrade something else, now.
Great to hear.
I just got the Modi Multibit, too. Very impressive for the money.