Schiit Mani - any opinions ?

Anyone out there have one of these?

Is it a good starter phono stage ?

How does it compare to the Musical Fidelity v90 LPS


I think so; I keep mine on 24/7.
Brother in law has one with linear PSU
MoFi Ultradeck, Ortofon Bronze
amazing for the $$$$$$&

I'm late to this thread, but I just took delivery of my Schiit Mani on Nov. 9, 2019. It replaces a hand-wired PTP, all NOS tube MAGI Phonomena phono stage (about $575 used) and a Jolida JD9 ($399 in 2011 for v1 closeout), which weighs 10-1/2 lbs. The Mani weighs 1 lb.. I am astounded at what a complete package this is: its truth-to-timbre is impeccable, as its articulation, musicality, speed (without being zippy), all in a package with the footprint of a 3x5 file card. Its light weight makes it easy to configure the DIP switches to optimize for cartridge changes. I can't say enough good about this unit.