Schiit Mani - any opinions ?

Anyone out there have one of these?

Is it a good starter phono stage ?

How does it compare to the Musical Fidelity v90 LPS


Thanks guys - much appreciated.

My friend ended up purchasing one, but his vintage receiver is  getting "renovated" (new caps, cleaning pots etc..), so he has not had a chance to listen to it yet.

He'll appreciate the feedback
Been listening to one for two weeks now and am going to keep it. It's just one of the best values in audio ever. With all the phono stages I've owned, and I've owned quite a few, my sense is that anyone who is in the market up to $1500 for a phono pre and doesn't try this preamp is missing out BIG TIME.
I love it, too.  Very easy to listen to, great soundstage and deep bass (all with MM cart, I didn't use it much with an MC).  Swagman Labs makes an external power supply for it, which will improve it ever further.  However, even without the upgraded ps, it is a remarkably balanced and authentic sounding phono stage. 

I read that it does not appreciate the connection of step-up transformers for mc heads with very low output.

Can anyone confirm this?
I would think that SUTs added to the Mani in MM (lowest gain settings), not MC (highest gain setting), mode would work. In MC that would overload the input.

Why not call Mike Moffat at Schiit and ask?