Schiit just got real...

Amazing!!!  Recently added an Innuos Zen Mk 3 to my system because my Aries Mini gave up the ghost.  Really good synergy with the Yggdrasil (original version).  In queue to have the Analog 2 and Unison USB upgrades, but don't believe my system has ever sounded better.  Will swap in my Qutest when the Yiggy goes back to HQ.  Also thinking about potentially trying out a Tubadour SE, Orchid or Amber 3 to find out what all the fuss is about.  Should be done for a while once the final piece falls into place.  
I’ve been checking out server streamers and currently I’ve been listening to the Innuos Zenith 3 and I think I’ve found the one I want .

Playback sound quality is at the top of my priorities followed by the ability of future factory upgrades which I understand Innuos will offer  hardware software updates once they find someone suitable here in North America to do the work.
My current dac is a 1 bit FPGA updatable software that will refresh the dac on a hardware level which I can do and have done on my own .
So far I’m thrilled with the pairing , good job Innuos and AudioByte .

It all starts with a good source....glad to hear your listening experience has been elevated with Innuos. They make very high quality streamers. 
Lalitk the Innuos fits right in my budget with money left over and I’ve decided to put in a order .
I like it a lot and finally I feel I’m now on the right path for lasting enjoyment , it’s been a long three years..

Lalitk I had a look at your system and while going over your photos a dreamy euphoric feeling came over me , Wow ,what I give to hear your system...

Wonder what the cd direct digital output as a redbook transport if it can do without going through the storage medium, to your own dac sounds like, did you try this?

No HDMI outputs and only the top ones get far better linear power supplies, shame

Cheers George
George I’m not sure what your asking ,, I had the server just for a few days and had to return it to the owner ,  I would of liked to checked out a USB Reclocker 1s2 Spidif converter all though what I was told Innuos will make available an upgrade path for their product line and I assume the power supplies could very well be an upgrade 
George I’m not sure what your asking
Simple, if it can be used as just a straight CD transport (no buffer or h/d involved) into your own dac.

Cheers George
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George I understood your question however I was more curious why you would want to use a server as a transport with all the inherent  problem’s spinning disc cause , have you listened to a Innuos Zenith in your own system ? 
OP, I read your post and it might as well be a different language!  No idea what you're talking about, maybe I need to get out more.
I just installed the Unison USB board in my Yggy last week.  It’s sounding excellent as expected. 
George I understood your question however I was more curious why you would want to use a server as a transport

Just to get the best of both worlds, some like me audiophiles have thousands of CD’s and a great expensive dac. And would want to utilize the playing of said CD’s as well as stream if they ever want/need to.

So back to my question, can be used as just a straight CD transport (no buffer or h/d involved) into your own dac. If not they missed out on a large market share that want to do just that.

Cheers George
I hear ya George though having owned a line up of decent disc players and transports just recently it was demonstrated to me listening to music from storage sounds better to me not to mention the convenience .
However not just any buffer or local storage brand are equal in playback sound quality there were some I definitely preferred my CEC transport to and I get the popularity of streaming.

However for now I’ll be content with ripping CDs to a local storage of the Innuos Zenith , it fits in my budget and best of all I’ve never at any other time enjoyed digital playback more than now.
Dawkimi my apologies for high jacking your thread , what did the Innuos Zen bring to your system ?
Dawkimi, That's great to hear. I just recently picked up the Yggy's little brother the Gungnir. I've spent the last few days pairing it with my transport but plan to incorporate it completely when I have more time. So far it's been an excellent improvement. Imaging is noticeably better. I have yet to take the plunge for dedicated streamer other than my laptop.
Appreciate all the responses.

George - I don't believe you can use as a transport (only for ripping CDs to memory).  I do have a modified Sony transport and Genesis Digital Lens.  I'll compare Innuos Zen versus Sony transport direct versus Sony/Genesis combo into the Yggy (although the inputs into the Yggy will be different).  Even if it's a push, the convenience of having my entire digital library at my fingertips would be worth it.  I'm essentially using it as a server (haven't started steaming yet).

in_shore - somewhat challenging to adequately detail the scope of improvements, but I'll do my best.  The music has more density (layering) and transparency.  The frequency response seems more balanced and extended, especially in the lower registers creating a stronger musical foundation that is more dynamic and engaging across the entire spectrum.  Hope that helps you get a better picture.


George - I don't believe you can use as a transport
Shame, they missed a large market share, wouldn't have been hard to do, as well as not having mini hdmi output, many say it sounds the best.

Cheers George 
nice title. first laugh of the day. thanks...
I have been simplifying my system and selling off spare gear.  I am running a Naim Supernait 2, MHDT Labs Orchid and a Bluesound Node 2i currently.  It sounds great and is convenient.  I am thinking about upgrading the Node.  My dealer loves the Innuos(and the Naim streamer.)  He will give me full credit on the Node, so I am considering going with the Innuos.  Thanks for the thread.
The Amber 3 is very musical and a wonderful dac and I have heard good things about the trubador as well.  If it were me, I would add the Chord Mscaler and connect it to your Qutest.  You will be blown away.  Take a look at this review of the Mscaler with the Qutest.
Innuos gear is tremendous. I’ve heard both the Zen mini and top of of the line, Innuos Statement at my dealer. Very impressive!
I am looking to upgrade my Wyred4Sound MS1 music server to have a streamer also  I have been eyeing the Innuos Zen or Zenith.

I had the Yggy and upgraded  it to the analog2 and USBGen5 and there was definitely an improvement.  I recently bought a Denafrips Terminator.  It was a way bigger improvement than doing the Yggy upgrade.