Schiit Gungnir Multibit modification — the noise is gone.

I just received my Gungy back from Schiit after a minor repair issue and, lo and behold, the noise upon starting and changing bands on a CD is gone!
For those of you who have suffered through this annoyance, I’m sure you can send it to them for modification.
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Sorry for the redundancy.
Schiit addresses this on their website, under Questions/DAC.  Apparently it has to do with how a particular transport handles the datastream when the transport is paused.  Unfortunate that one of the most obvious choices to pair with the Gungnir happens to click.  These days I just take a note of the track number and hit Stop.
With all the clicking problems with
the Gumby and other nuances.
I may think twice before laying out
$1249 for a Schiit Gumby especially with my 2009 Mac Book Pro, Apple Airport and Sony CDP707esd.