Schiit Freya+ vs. high end (e.g., Mcintosh) ?

Hi all, 

I just got an mc275 power amp and need a pre. Don't want to spend a ton so was considering a Mcintosh c220 but its so pricy. Considering the Schiit Freya+ but will I regret it? I know they have a great trial period but I can't really do the same for the c220. Any comments?

I am sure the c220 will be better, but HOW much better is my question, I guess....? Thanks for the thoughts.

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Having heard a Vidar in my system and been underwhelmed, I had the same experience with the Freya+.  Competent, and competitive at the price.  I preferred a c-j PV12L and a AI Modulus 3A. 

What is your room like?  And what's the rest of your system?