Schiit Freya, a listening demo on the sound of different tubes.

Even on my average computer audio the Tungsols win out, with more body to the lower mids and a touch better bass drive. Sylvania's were very thin I thought.

Cheers George
Thanks for posting that, George. I think I’m in agreement with Tyco Dogg’s comments below that video. The most obvious difference was with the TungSols. Personally, been listening the last few days with a set of new production EH6SN7s that were recently given to me. Prior to this I’d pulled the stock Russian NOS and was listening pretty much exclusively in JFET buffer mode. Was very happy with that. Going back to tubes - but now using the Electro Harmonix - I was pleased to hear a nice improvement. A little sweeter, fuller sound but I don’t mean by way of a midrange emphasis or top end rolloff. Nicely balanced top to bottom.  These new production EH’s were NOT the sonic horrors that some make them out to be. Sound pretty darn good in my system. Human nature being what it is, however, I could not resist springing for a pair of matched clear glass black plate bottom getter 6SN7GT RCAs.  I did resist going for the slightly more expensive gray glass RCAs.  The clears were pretty affordable as such things go  - esp. compared to that Nordost cabling Noromance posted about!