Schiit Freya +

Read some interesting reviews of the Schiit Freya +  tube based pre-amplifier.

Seems like it competes way above its price range.

Has anyone any direct experience with it?



I’ve owned the SWL 9.0 SE twice. It is a much thinner sounding preamp than the others you are looking it. IME not Dan Wright’s best work, and I’ve owned nearly everything he’s made. Consider his LS100 instead. 

Thanks; migrating into a higher price point.

may revisit Audio Mirror after all

good price

good size

I bought a Loki but returned it after a couple of weeks.  Did not care for it at all.  I find it to be a beer budget sound.  Funny though, I bought a Bellari EQ570 to replace the Loki and I like it so much better. 

Had the original Freya (with tubes). Kept it for a few years until it started making "tube farts". Debated on buying new tubes then read a glowing review of the Topping Pre90. Bought it and compared them. Kept the Top, sold the Schiit.

I sold my Freya plus and shipped it to the guy and he's called and said it's making a crackling noise? Sounds like it's coming from the tubes. Anyone have experience this? Does it in all three modes! The stepped attenuator isn't the problem he says.