Schiit Freya +

Read some interesting reviews of the Schiit Freya +  tube based pre-amplifier.

Seems like it competes way above its price range.

Has anyone any direct experience with it?




Yes I was inquiring of Audio Mirror.  I am a little concerned about buying from a boutique firm; which might not survive if Vlad retires etc.

Just look at Black Cat Cables.

I rechecked Rogue; any thoughts on the RP 5 series?

I have not tried that series of Rogue electronics, unfortunately. That said, it’s a 12au7 preamp. One recommendation, if you are capable of spending ~$3K on a preamp, is to look for a preowned PS Audio BHK preamplifier. Along with Vlad’s, it was the best preamp I’ve ever used in its price range. You can use it with 12au7, 6922 variants, and with an adapter even 6SN7. I tried many other preamps from Audio Research, Viva Linea, McIntosh and others and only owned two preamps that beat it (Modwright LS-36.5 DM, and the T+A P 3000 HV / SDV 3100 HV). 

I would look up Aric Audio. Boutique, yes, however he uses basic designs and point to point wiring.  He has several models a various price points.  Worth a call. 

I’ve owned the SWL 9.0 SE twice. It is a much thinner sounding preamp than the others you are looking it. IME not Dan Wright’s best work, and I’ve owned nearly everything he’s made. Consider his LS100 instead.