Schiit Freya +

What a cool preamp.

I listened to this little preamp and was impressed. It had stock valves from the factory, paired with class d amps. It was quit the show stopper for about three weeks at a friends house. He had to leave home for a month or so and loaned me the unit.

Day three, I ordered.. I returned it to him when he got back. Now I'm without, and waiting for delivery..

I'm a Mac guy, through and through, but good is good. What a little nugget.

Any Schiit Freya + owners want to chime in.. What you use it with and how??

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I got Freya + to put it in front of Jot R to drive Raal Sr1a or Kgsshv Carbon amp to drive Stax 009s headphone.

It really makes my headphones sing.

It gives best bang for the money.

But it made me spend more than 1k$ to expand my collection of Nos tube.

Now I have 10 sets of Nos 6sn7 tubes for tube rolling in it.
Didn't notice the other one, until after I posted.  Didn't mean to dump the apple cart.

My Apologies


Can anyone here speak to how this preamp compares with the Aric Audio Unlimited II? I (tentatively) plan to use a new preamp with two different amps:

Dennis Had Inspire Firebottle, KT88SEP
Schiit Aegir

...driving my Moabs

On occasion, I detect that my system lacks top-end sparkle. This is most conspicuous in the rendering of cymbals, which can seem incomplete in their form...

I hear great praise for the Aric pieces, but they start around $1350.

In the spirit of disclosure, I am running a budget preamp, the Schiit modius, so this may be a contributing factor according to some I've previously invited into this discussion. Reviews of the modius, as well as the stats for the modius, don't make it clear to me that this budget item is necessarily the problem.

I've been running the Moabs with the Inspire KT88 for months, without a pre, using its passive attenuation ability. It sounds amazing, but again, I do find that cymbals fall short some of the time.

So, is the Freya the answer? Is a new DAC the answer? Is the Aric piece the answer? Do I have to start buying and swapping and testing, to find out?

Thank you!
After all this time.. Actually I sent the one I ordered BACK. It failed.

BUT what an easy company to deal with .. JUST top notch service and customer service.. NO QUESTION ASK.. But mine did have an overheating issue that caused the volume control to become sticky when the valves were used.. I did like the unit.

It's not a Mac.. but it did sound pretty good with class d mono block NC500 Nords though.. Nice combo, BLACK background..Great mids and a little light on the top.. It wasn't the Freya +.

I use small planars too.. so great mids and highs just go with the territory,
the Fraya did a good job as far as being transparent (for the money). The Nords are a tad thin at the very top. Most folks would never notice though..

Do some more research.  WAIT before you buy..

The KT88 is a good valve, did you try a signal valve swap to stretch the highs a bit more, brighten them up a tad.. I'm not real familiar with your Valve amp.. BUT I am a Cary Fan..Kinda.. LOL V12Rs and SixPacs for me.. Valves, power cords and good speaker cables, make all the difference in the world, too.. Carys like good external stuff, cables and such..

Sure not the Moabs.. To many good reports..

@oldhvymec You sent back the Freya? I thought I also saw you post on the Aric audio thread... are you familiar with Aric pre? Can you speak to it?

I appreciate the call to do more research. 

Any suggestions on a tube to swap in, as a way to stretch the highs?

Another thing, how much variability in sound quality can be achieved through tube swapping with the Freya? Are there tubes that will create a lush midrange, for example? I am fairly new to tubes, owning just the KT88 amp for about six months. I've run Genalex Golden Lions exclusively...

I was thinking of your KT88 amp. What type of "small tubes" does it run? 
6N?? or 6922, 12AX7? the small valves on the power amp.. What are they IDed as? and the number of them. Lets see if an inexpensive tube roll would help.

May need to enlist the help of a GOOD valve supplier..Like Brent Jessie (SP). He had a good rep for a particular quality specific and tone changing valves.. Dude is pretty darn smart..AND easy to work with.. I've always known what I was looking for.. he has had some good valves. pretty reasonable too..

So what you got for valves, and brand?