Schiit CD Transport on the way soon.

Thought this great news deserved it's own thread. As it's long awaited.
I was sent this link from Alexander of Schiit. They are under staffed at the moment he said with illness.
Schitt’s design team Dave and Ivana talk about a transport somewhere here on a live stream video a couple of weeks ago.

To show interest, kick them along a little if your waiting for it, send them an email to ask "how’s it going".
If you get get some info please post it up here, as I’m also waiting with bated breath for one to be released

Cheers George
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For their sake I hope that their rollout of the transport is better than their rollout of the SOL, which was a brain fart in so many ways and continues to be as they just announced a new pulley because after all the initial problems, they only now realize the SOL does not run at an accurate speed.

I heard its going to have a USB output - a very neat innovation!
Hey abraxalito, slumming it again?

Yes that USB is suppose to be USB-c version also. No I2S because there's too many variation of it, but aes/ebu, rca, and toslink as well as the USB-c, from what I gather.
And if you look in the video the prototype looks to have 2 or 3 double core transformers from what I can make out. 
And no slot load computer mech thank god, but a proper Philips? tray mech/laser

Cheers George 
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Well I won't be one to be too quick to jump on board. 
Is it ok to use tube on transport?I do have the Ah toobje player , I use it as transport, Iam not sure if the tube output is being use as transport.
Iam not sure if the tube output is being use as transport.
There's no tubes involved when using it as a transport, they may be lit up, the digital process is not using them at all.

Cheers George 
Going to have USB pass through!!  That will give me Unison USB output to my Unison Yggy!!  I'm a buyer.
Hope the spinning speed will be correct!
I'll pick one up for sure. 
Hope the spinning speed will be correct!
Hard to get that wrong, unless done deliberately, then you can just watch the time counter seconds an compare it to your phone world timer. 

Cheers George 
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I hope it has the features other CD drives or CD players have such as shuffle, program and feature mine has shuffle delete and also comes complete with remote control.

Knowing Schiit, you'll get the basics, even the looks, and the larger manufacturing percentage costs will be spent in making sound good. And that's ok with me.

Cheers George
This is fantastic news! The gadget seems to be promising (or at least interesting) as well. Schiit's having a great year.
Schiit's having a great year.
Apparently a very good year, it goes to show Schiit make a great sounding products that are far cheaper than the more expensive stuff which has magnetic appeal to the "glitz queens" that love to put their equipment between the speakers to show it off and gaze at it, trouble is it screws up the imaging bad, anything between the speakers does.
And paying less for good sound quality, and not paying as much for the looks, is their sales criteria.
I'm all for it, as you listen with the ears and watch the imaging with your eyes, and if there's something in front of you "glitzing away madly", your not listen or watching the music's imaging 

Cheers George 

Anyone heard anything about the RRP for it yet? Hope they keep it under $1k

On another site it’s rumoured to have this transport laser/mech, if so looks like it could output SACD (dsd)

The SANYO SF-HD850 laser looks to be a top model for Sanyo lasers.

This CD player uses it in the article they said the same transport laser/mech is also used in the $20K DCS Rossini transport!!!!!!!!!
Stereophile: DCS Rossini
The front-loading CD mechanism is the Stream Unlimited JPL-2800 SilverStrike.

Also in this Bryston BCD-3

And someone said it also used in this Wadia CD S7i

Cheers George
Mentioned the price to be around $1200 in the video. Was hoping it would be under 1k... Guess that's a serious transport mech..
Should I buy Sol or transport first? I don't want the Sol to go away.. is it a permanent fixture of Schiit's lineup?

It's designed manufactured by Schiit California, which is part owned by Mike Moffat, if he had anything to do with it, which is very likely. He was the brain trust behind everything good that came from Theta Digital back in the day they ruled the digital domain.

Cheers George  

Hope it sounds as good as the new Hegel Mohican CD transport, which in an a/b  Darko prefers by a lot over the $3K Mytec Brooklyn Bridge streamer.

Cheers George
I certainly hope it sounds better than the $5000 Hegel with its "agricultural sounding" disc tray and average AKM 4490 chip, especially since I’ll be plugging it into Schiit’s bifrost multibit.
I’m sure there’s a reason the Hegel costs 5 grand but I can’t be bothered to find it. $1200 seems awful fair to me now.

(Quotes from a review)
... though I'm sure the Hegel looks, feels and sounds stunning on its own. I hope schiit can conjure something special here, as they have with many other of their products.

I'm very impressed with their amplifier components and DAC, and have ordered a turntable from them, to arrive soon.
Is it mentioned whether there will be a remote?
Is it mentioned whether there will be a remote?
Have to, I don’t know of any even going back to the first CD that didn’t have one.
Maybe basic one though, Schiit’s not known for pandering to "glitz queens" with wow factor looks, led’s and read outs, they just concentrate on what sounds good. 

Cheers George
I can’t speak highly enough of Schiit. My Yggdrasil GS, Saga, and Loki are all tremendous values. No Fufu factor, just performance. When I look at so much of the high end these days, the value part of the equation just seems lost, as the companies chase the same folks that are making top end Burgundies such lousy values. As I look to replace my 45 year old Audio Research preamp, Audio Research and the like seem totally out of the picture. Thank goodness for Schiit (and companies like Rogue!).