Schiit CD transport on the cards soon?

Should be very affordable with 14 day trial, like the other products.
Schiit CD transport looks like a popular subject over at the Hoffman forums.
Also talk at superbestaudiofriends and Audio Asylum forums as well.

You can bet designer/ceo Mike Moffat (Schiit Audio) when he brings out a transport, he should nail it.
He has Lampizator’s tick of approval in his shootout list of the best all time transports. And Mike Moffat’s old Theta Data took out first place.
Lampizator " The First Battle Of Transports
Description of contenders:
1. Theta - chosen because it is legendary, because it is unmodded and for the worldwide audience can serve as a benchmark, and because it sounds bloody good in my home. So far - by far - my best transport.
Cost used on ebay USD500"

Cheers George
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I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
I wish PS Audio would consider making things in this price class. Their PerfectWave is $6500. I guess they're just a different kind of company aiming at a much higher price class, but given that they make the Sprout, one would think they'd make something else to pair that with.
I am looking for a transport to replace the Cambridge CXC. Nothing against the CXC, will keep it a secondary system. Will be interested in the Schiit, should they produce one. 
I hope they use orange numbers in the display. Like the black Exposure 2010.
My Saab has lovely green display dash lights which are easy to read in the dark without being in your face like the ugly red that manufacturers seem to prefer

Got some more info, apparently they're sending out beta test units already,


"Urd" is the name of the new CD transport for 2021 which will be also a digital hub with USB, Coax and AES output.

  The transport will also function as an EITR for those that want to use coax or AES. I do not think it will have a toslink output. They are making the beta units now and I hope to have one in late January. The only bug in the ointment is that all of the usb in and outputs will be usb c which means new cables.

Cheers George
And I think he means it's called Urdu

The Schiit CD transport  has been a project since May 2018.  That is a long time.  Please give us updates.  I like to see this become a reality.

Look at my 1st post yesterday morning, they are doing beta testing, as we speak.

Cheers George