Schiit Bifront or Musical Fidelity M1

Hi, I'm looking to buy either the Schiit Bifront USB 2 with Uber upgrade or Musical Fidelity M1-A (async), the M1 is about $200 cheaper, so my question, is the Schiit worth the extra, anybody had both?
Amp - Plinius 2100 Integrated
Speakers - Wharfedale Opus 1
Source - Home built W7 music server running J.River

I don't know of the Bifront, but I am running the M1 with a MF M6I integrated driving Kef R500's for my office system and it sounds great! Musical and engaging.
I have the Bifrost in the config you mention and find it very engaging,
detailed, very dynamic and spacious. This DAC performs extremely well
when you use good power cables and interconnects

I have Stager Silver Solids interconnects and braided power cords, which
allow the Bifrost to perform ar its best.

Out of the two options I would go with the Bifrost because I think it may be
have the edge on dynamics and details.

When I was looking I auditioned
- Wadia 121 decoding computer
- Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DAC
- Chord QuteHD DAC

Out of the three the Mytek was the best, but after a year of use I find the
Bifrost a little better than even the Mytek

I like the fact that the Bifrost is upgradable. As they come out with better components, you can just add them instead of buying a new unit.
Zman - I upgraded the USB port on my Bifrost to their latest Gen 2 version just after it was announced and it was well worth the money.

A significant improvement in details across the board.

It gives me confidence that future upgrades will probably be as beneficial.

I bought the $519 version with all current upgrades. It will be here Tues. I hope I like it.
Zman - just get good cables - it will sound great

Did you get the UBER upgrade - it makes a difference

I've just ordered the v-link192 just to see if that makes a difference - as opposed to using the USB directly into the DAC

There's lots of positive feedback about the v-link, so it will be interesting to see what transpires :-)

I'll keep you posted as to the outcome.

Willie - I use extremely good cables... my own. I am a cable manufacture. :)
I'm thinking about building a server instead of using a PC. I hear they sound much better.
Zman - I've heard that too, but I cannot really see why.

Perhaps it's the better quality hard drives used, or the different bus architectures employed?

Personally - I stream via my iMac, but store all my music on a NAS drive with server grade hard drives in a mirrored Raid configuration - which has already saved my library once from being wiped out. Simply dropped in a new drive and it created the new mirror overnight.

All associated hardware is on a hard-wired LAN with CAT6 cabling using it's own hard wired router. No wireless communications in the picture at all.

Extreme? - maybe, but very fast - no problems at all streaming my 24/192 content and the quality is very good.

I originally tried wireless, but there seemed to be too much interference, I assume from other routers close by, that caused frequent dropouts.

Glad to hear you use good cables - they make so much difference. I make my own also.

Do you make your own power cables?

That's something else I've found pay huge dividends, particularly when using a more advanced cable architecture.

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Bifrost uber will probably be my next dac based on reviews and suggestions from audiogoners.

I did a side by side comparison with the Parasound Z Dac, Musical Fidelity V Dac with pangea P100 power supply upgrade, Musical Fidelity M1, and Cambridge Audio Dac magic. I preferred them in the order listed.

I thought the M1 sounded a little lean, not much meat on the bones so to speak. Good detail, just too lean for my tastes.

I liked the Parasound Z dac quite a bit because it sounds analogue, not digital. It has great bass control and sounds full.

I've researched the Bifrost uber quite a bit and it looks like a very solid dac for the $. I like that its built here in America so any warranty issues should be handled well, and I also like the upgradeability designed into Schiit products.
One last thing I discovered just yesterday - use dbpoweramp to rip CD's - the SQ is so much better - I was using iTunes and sometimes MAX on my iMac.

Now I rip (AIF) on my windows machine to a USB drive and then import to my iTunes library on my NAS drive

Just google dbpoweramp to download a free 21 day full function version

Back to re-ripping - yet again :-(

OK - so, considering my posts above, some might consider my latest
development to be a bit of a 180...

In recent days I started to look at other DAC's since I felt my Bifrost was still
not performing up to the abilities of my analogue rig - it should at least be
closer than it was.

After reading many articles it still seems the USB interface is an issue in many

One product that kept cropping up in articles I've read and that has received
many accolades on this forum is the Musical Fidelity V-Link192 USB/SPDIF
converter and since this unit has been designed specifically to address many
USB related issues,

After considerable thought I wondered if it might offer a performance boost to
the Bifrost - and at $135 from EBay I figured I'd give it a try, after all it's cheaper
than a new DAC :-)

When I received the V-link two days ago, it immediately demonstrated that the
guys at Musical Fidelity know a thing or two about USB interfaces - but it also
demonstrated that the guys from Schiit also know a thing or two about DAC
design and discreet analogue output stages.

The combination of these two products is - pretty amazing...
- the additional resolution the v-link conveys breathes new life into 16/44
- and the Bifrost steps up its game by providing even better dynamics, details,
imaging and clarity.

Seems the guys at Schiit still needs to do a little more work on the USB front,
because theirs clearly lack the finess of the V-link in USB processing - but in
digital to analogue conversion and analogue presentation, the Bifrost is a top

It would be interesting to try the M1 to see if it has the same USB
implementation of the v-link and if it can compete with the musical
presentation of the Bifrost + UBER upgrade

Yes - the Schiit USB Gen 2 upgrade is better than the original, but it is no
match for the purpose designed/built and cheaper V-Link 192.

Unfortunately - the V-link is discontinued, but it can still be found on eBay

BTW for the V-link...
- get a really good S/PDIF cable - it really pays huge dividends
- I also have s dual USB cable one for power, one for signal and a separate
power supply

Marriage made in heaven? - let's just say the Bifrost got a reprieve - at least for
the foreseeable future :-)

Has anybody heard if the bitfrost has a gen 3 USB board in the works ?? I have a gen 1 board ans use a peachtree X1 for my USB. I am waiting to see if they offer a new gen board for the bitfrost.