Scheu Turntable w/Classic arm, which MC? Help

Hello, I have a Scheu turntable with a 10 inch classic arm and I am currently running a 1.6 mv Scheu cartridge. I also have a Coph Nia low output phonostage and I am looking for a good low output moving coil MC to go with it. Here is my set up.

1. H.H. Scott 222 C restored with cap and tube upgrades.
2. Altec A7 speakers.

Scheu currently has a Benz/Scheu cartridge which sounds wonderful but missing the final link of low level inner detail. It is running straight into phono stage on Scott and is warm, rich and lacking inner detail (amp is quite capable) which I love. This combo would likely please many but I am forever probing and curious. Bass control and high end extension are important.

I have been looking at the following carts.

1. Ortofon Kontrapunkt B or Jubilee
2. Clearaudio Concerto
3. ZYX?
4. Lyra, Argo, Helikon, Dorian
5. Transfiguration?

Must be under $2000 New. Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated.


Must note that low level detail that I mentioned above was not the result of cartridge as it turns out. It would seem that it is a result of the phonostage in Scott 222C.

After putting my Blue Circle amps back into service as I upgrade Scott some more I came to the conclusion that the cartridge can perform low level detail given the proper amp and phonostage set up. I used my customized Perreaux SM2 preamp with the Blue Circle BC2 monoblocks and the low level detail appeared in good fashion. So apologizes to Benz and Scheu/Benz for my mistake. Cartridge sounds wonderful and is a keeper.