Scheu table question from past posting - images

Hi guys, I was stuck long ago and got some images on trying to set this table up.

Not sure where the rubber ring goes on, according to the manual..its supposed to go under the inner bearing and that will not work...the ring is too big. The only place it will go is on the outer bearing and the platter will sit on this ring, is that correct? Please view links below for images.┬Ąt=1.jpg

On my table the inner bearing has a small o-ring (much smaller than the one pictured) that fits into a groove under it so when you screw it on it makes contact with the oil reservoir. In your picture that shows the inner bearing screwed on you would be able to faintly see the o-ring. It would hardly protrude out from under the inner bearing.

My outer bearing has an attached black piece (can't recall if it's rubber or plastic) permanently fitted to it. Your o-ring (which may or may not be meant for the outer bearing) seems to take up a lot more space within the reservoir.

It's quite possible the design has changed, but then that doesn't account for the manual's instructions (maybe you have an older manual that was not updated). How is the fit of the o-ring on the outer bearing? Is it a natural fit, in other words did it appear to be meant for the outer bearing, or did you have to fiddle with it to make it fit? Have you talked to Tom Hills at Hudson Audio or any of the other Scheu experts out there about this?
Take a look at the assembly instructions here:

It shows you where the different o-rings are used.

Thanks Gary,

I did look at that and thats why I have questions.
The O Ring I have does not fit under the inner bearing but just over the outer bearing only.

Looking at that instruction there, the inner bearing hovers over the O ring and once its placed, you can not even see it. The the outer bearing goes over all of that.
Makes more sense but not with what I have.
Rapogee, it appears you don't have the inner bearing o-ring. Is this correct? It also appears Scheu changed the configuration of the outer bearing to use an o-ring rather than an attached piece as is the case with my table, which is an older Eurolab/Scheu unit.

You should be able to get an o-ring for the inner bearing from a dealer or the distributor. After that I'd confirm the installation of the outer bearing o-ring and you should be good to go.
I dug my Scheu out of the closet (it's been there since I moved) and looked closely at the bearing. I bought mine about 10 years ago and it looks exactly like the one in the pictures that you linked. I have the smaller o-ring which helps to seal the inner bearing to the oil pan and prevent oil from dripping out. You definitely need this. You should be able to get this from a good quality hardware store or if you don't want to hunt around then call your local distributor and they should be able to send you one. If you're in the U.S., that would be Tom Hudson at
Or just contact Scheu directly. You can find the information at their website

I also have the larger o-ring and that is meant to go on the outer bearing as you've shown. The people who steered me towards the Scheu recommended not to use this o-ring and instead just replace it with an appropriate steel washer that is 1.5mm thick and with inner / outer diameter of 20 / 23mm. That's what I did and I've been very happy with the sound.

Gary, Is your outer bearing completely metal or does it have the black plastic piece at the base as shown in the Soundscape assembly instructions.

Reason I ask is my outer bearing looks exactly like the one pictured in Soundscape, but I bought my table used and it did not come with the o-ring for the outer bearing. Now I wonder if I should get it, or better yet try getting the washer you recommended. Then again I didn't notice anything wrong with the sound of the table without having anything on the outer bearing previously. What is the purpose of this o-ring?

On a side note. Are you still using the original string that came with the table. I have tried some different types of fishing line that brought about some improvements. Also, the original Scheu (Eurolab) importers evidently can modify the pully on the motor pod so it becomes a tape drive. I imagine this could be a nice improvement assuming the cost is reasonable.
My outer bearing is completely metal. The pictures in the Soundscape assembly instructions can be deceiving - the bearing is so highly polished that the pictures make it look as if it has differently colored regions when in fact it is just reflecting the color of surrounding elements.

In my Scheu turntable, the o-ring serves two purposes. First, it raises the platter so that the top of the platter is flush with the top of the bearing. Without it, the bearing would stick up 1.5mm compared to the platter. I guess that the Scheu folks used an o-ring because they thought that some sort of compliance in the vertical plane would be helpful. But tweaky DIYers found they liked the sound better without the o-ring, as I described earlier. So it was replaced with an equivalent thickness metal washer. It's quite possible that Scheu noticed this and redesigned the bearing so that the o-ring was no longer needed. If your platter is flush with the bearing then I wouldn't worry about it.

Regarding the string drive - yes, I'm still using the original Scheu supplied string. It seems to work pretty well and I haven't had a chance to experiment. I'd be interested to hear about your experiences with different materials.