Scheu Table - Need some help.... anyone with time

I just bought a Scheu table used, not sure what model, heavy granite base, like really heave. The seller sent me a difficult condition table which I usually would not have bought and sorting things out at the moment.
Motor is a disaster, wires are not connected, the bottom of the motor is pretty much bare and exposed and it don't look safe either.

I need to find out how to set this up, forget about the arm since I dont have one yet...I am just trying to get this running before anything else (platter and motor). I would gladly sent an image of all the parts I have to give you an idea. Any Scheu gurus out there to assist, I would gladly call for any advise too.

Appreciate any help. thx

Call Tom Hills @ He is the USA importer.
Send me pictures if you like and I'll see if I can help. Where are you located?

In addition to Tom Hills you could try the folks over at Audio Advancements or perhaps Dr. Chris Feickert. All are very familiar with thee tables.
Do you have the platter in place and did the owner supply you with the silk "belt" string? That should be an easy install with supplied spindle,the platter does not run on a belt it uses a silk string. The motor if it has to be trashed then, I am sure you can get a replacement or even an improved version from Scheu or Teres.
Please post a picture.

The only Scheu I can think of that comes near that description was a black granite or slate version of Das Laufwerk that was offered a year or two ago. At least I think I think they offered that option on the Scheu website.
My motor packed up 3 or 4 years ago - Dr Chris (before he set out on his own) sent me 2 motors for free as replacement. Also sent photos to help with the soldering - very easy replacement. Running problem free since then.

You could also contact Ulla directly "ulla - at -" - she's very helpful.

Schipo makes a good point - cheap option would be to fix the motor - or go for Verus.