SCHEU Premier substitution

I tried twice to get in touch with Scheu for a new armboard.
No success and not nice.

I am planning to sell it and go for a more serious brand.
Which brand/models will be an overall improvement?
I am looking for a relaxed and lifelike sound.
Thanks so much

PS: Thinking about basis or amazon or dps for istance.
Have you tried calling the US distributor, Hudson Audio imports in NJ, about the new armboard; I just talked to him two days ago I understand that after Thomas Scheu died a year ago operations at Scheu changed somewhat. His wife, has taken over operations and a US distributor has been introduced recently.

Good luck!

Hi Ad010685,

As you've noticed, Scheu has introduced a new website not too long ago and not everything works properly on it, so emails may not be getting to them.

From your post on Audio Asylum and Inmate ID, I see you are in Italy. As Restock mentioned, try sending an email(instead of phoning) to Hudson Audio, the US distributor for Scheu.

I talked to him a few weeks ago and he had just received a shipment from Scheu. Tom's a good guy and will help get you the new armboard. He can be reached at
I live in Europe and contacted the factory directly twice (Mrs Ulla)
No way !
They don't care about my mails.
Darkmoebius, many tks for the advise. Wrote mail to Tom right now.
Will let you know how it end.

But still scheu confidence is lost
I had a problem with Scheu motor about a month ago.
Although they were a bit slow to respond to my e-mails they did fix unit. It took about 2.5 weeks for me to get motor back.

I'm in Dayton OH USA.

I can understand your frustration, Ad010685. But, don't give up so quickly, the performance of the table is incredible. Really on par with the other tables you are considering at a far lower price. I have two Premier mkII's (one w/ 50mm & 80mm platter) and also the Scheu Tacco tonearm.

Check the post on AA from Marco of Soundscape HiFi (also Scheu dealer), Scheu has been busy introducing a brand new turntable. Here's the photos and news from the Frankfurt Analog Show that just happened.

Marco has also offered to help contact the company on your behalf. Somewhere between Tom at Hudson and/or Marco, they should be able to get your armboard to you quickly.

It may just be bad luck that you tried to contact them at this time. I have always had prompt and curteous responses to any of my inquiries, so you experience seems to be a little out of character for the company.
I don´t think there is any reason to loose trust in Scheu and its products - just the opposite.
Problems such as unanswered e-mails may arrive in small companies whose founder dies - Thomas Scheu died 18 months ago. However, his widow, Ulla Scheu, not only continues to run the company, but to develop it further. ad010685, you should just try and contact Ulla Scheu personally under
It indeed takes her some time to answer sometimes, as she is quite busy: Two weeks ago, she presented a new design of a player which will be positioned above the Premier. First photos have been published on the site of scheu´s Singapore distributor
see "Scheu/Eurolab".
Until Scheu´s own site is translated into English, Soundscape´s site is the best for info on Scheu.
Judging from first reactions from German vinyl-junkis on, this is another player who would have to pay for much more if it came from traditional companies. I, too, have a Premier MkII with a Taccco-arm - I have yet to find anything that comes even close for the money.
After the first mail filling their web format (2 weeks ago, no reply), I even tried to contact Mrs.Ulla directly at her mail, but no answer yet.
Maybe I am too hard but I think that anyone being serious about business should put their customer on top of the bill giving priority even when it means replying to mails overnight.

I am actually getting help from Marco, hope to solve the issue via him.
Darkmoebius,two things.Firstly,thanks for the great links.Really fun stuff,to scope out.
Secondly,and I've meant to tell you this for some time,you have the "greatest screen name" I've ever seen!"Sirspeedy" pales in comparison!!

Hi Sirspeedy,

Scheu got a real visual winner on their hands with the new table. I cannot wait to hear the sonic benefits of this design (if any). It is interesting that they are moving away from the one of the primary design criterion of the late Thoms Scheu (and subsequent Teres, Galibier, Red Point, etc. crew) regarding minimal plinth surface area. Hmmm, one has to wonder if marketing appeal is taking precedence.

As to the "Darkmoebius" moniker, 5-6 years ago I originally wanted "Dr. Moebius", but that was already taken. So, this variation was the first thing that poped to mind. It i a mixture of homge to the movie "Forbidden Planet", the Moebius Strip, MC Escher, the futurist/fantasy comic book artist Moebius all mixed together.

I'm kinda a SciFi geek.
I read recently (I believe here) that the motor on the Premier ll and other Scheu were not as good as the motor on the Teres or Galibier or Redpoint. Any comments Darkmoebius or anyone else? Any comments on the Scheu versus the Galibier/ Teres??

Rick (RWD)
Dear Ad010685: +++++ " Which brand/models will be an overall improvement? " +++++

I think that the Basis ( with the vacuum hold down ), Galibier or Acoustic Signature will be a very good choices but there are others, that depend on your budget.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I haven't owned any of the Teres, Galibier, or Redpoint TT's simply because there is a substantial price difference between they and the Scheu. So, I really can't offer any informed opinion on the motors. The lowest priced Teres is still $1k more(1.5x), the Galibier is $2.2k more(2x plus), and Redpoint A is $6k more(4x) the Scheu.

But, I do have a KAB Speedstrobe which is accurate to 0.03% at both 45 and 33.3 rpms and once the Scheu is tuned in, it doesn't show any visual variation at all. I have a geeky habit of checking when the TT is first turned a few LP's in and after a few hours.

Are there micro-fluctuations within the visual siting? Possibly, but I haven't been able to detect them by ear yet. I would think pitch variations would be detectable in sustained notes of solo musicians. My system is fairly revealing and accurate, so I would think any pitch fluctuations would stand out. Who knows, though?
In fact, Scheu is developing a new, better motor, to go with the new model, which according to some German audiophiles who have already listened to it, offers not only a new design, but even better bass and soundstaging. I have listened to Acoustic Signature tables, and while I agree they are fine tables, they too IMHO do not play at the same level as the Scheu, at the same price.

I've heard the Tacco/Schroeder comparison several times from a few German Scheu owners, I assume the tables are fairly popular over there. Did you have a chance to compare the Tacco to a Schroeder, and if so, which one?

There aren't too many owners here in the States, so there aren't many people with comparison experience.

The combination is extremely musical to me, but I don't have much(acutally any) other personal vinyl expereince.
I am happy to hear that Scheu has come out with a better motor.
Hassel, you siad above..."I've heard the Tacco/Schroeder comparison several times from a few German Scheu owners"
did they give any comment as to which arm was better (Schroder or Tacco and why??

Rick (RWD)
Darkmoebius, Rwd,
no, I myself do have a Tacco, but I have never compared the
Tacco to any Schroeder. Over on the German, member "Tom" compared the first version of the Tacco to his Schroeder, and found the Tacco to be close to the Schroeder. Later, Scheu modified the Tacco, which improved its performance futher. Member "Otto" had a Wheaton Triplanar, which he sold after getting a Tacco. He compared the Tacco to it a Schröder Reference, too, and wrote "the Schroeder-arm - to which I compared the Tacco, too - I dont´t need to have for its price". He mentioned the following chareacteristics for the Tacco: "tempo and authority, bass performance, energy, the ability to produce extraordinary spaciousness".

Obviously, both arms are of the highest quality, only the Tacco sells for 1800 Euros. You might drop an e-mail to Soundscape-Hifi, too, who has compared Schroeders and Taccos, too.
Hassel, is Soundscape-hifi a dealer or Audiogon member?
Also, are you in the NYC tri-state are? We are gathering a group of us to attened the VTV in NJ on May 6th.

Soundscape HiFi is a high end audio dealership in Singapore, but Marco posts here and on Audio Asylum fairly often. Great person for advice and ideas.

Their website is probably one of the best audio sites available for information on the products they carry. Lots on in-depth info, pictures, and experiences.
sorry I forgot, Soundscape is a dealer specialised in analogue audio, based in Singapore, who has one of the best sites on the net on a lot of vinyl ( He usually posts over on the vinyl-asylum, carries Scheu among others, and always was quite helpful and truthful when I dropped him a question about vinyl. The nice thing about him is that he recommends not always expensive gear.
I myself, as much as I would like to join you, am a German living in exile in Moscow, Russia, and although I was in NY last year, I will not be able to make it this year.
Hassel(and Tacco potentials),

I have decided to modify the one nagging aspects of the Tacco's use - VTA. The stock Tacco uses a standard Rega type set-screw to move the arm up or down. It is fiddly, inaccurate, and frustrating - impossible to make fine adjustments. Surprising, since the Tacco is a superb arm and mates extremely well with the cartridges I own.

Luckily, there are two terrific after-market VTA adjusters now for sale - Pete Riggle's VTAF and Teres Audio VTA adapter.

Which of the two is better? I have no idea, both seem to have their benefits and detriments:

The Riggle is cheaper and seems to work on just bout any table plinth. It also has been applied to a wider range of arms.

The Teres seems to require an external armboad(like Teres, Scheu etc.), but has the advantage of clearly marked increments for quickly repeatable settings.

Currently, I'm leaning towards the Teres, but am having trouble justifying the extra cost right now 'cause I'm broke.