Schematics for Tube Audio Design TAD-60

I am in search of the schematics for the Tube Audio Design TAD-60 amplifier. Please contact me with any leads you may have.

It was after writing Paul Grzybek (the amp's designer) to get a copy of the specs, that I got the sad news that Paul had died unexpectedly just weeks before. Out of respect for his family, I have chosen to not pursue my search with whomever may be monitoring his email account.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.



I e mailed Paul a couple of months ago about the schematic and he replied that he never got around to putting it down on paper. He mentioned that any good tube tech. would have no problem figuring out the circuit. I think it is based on a classic design.

Are you having issues with the amp?

If you still need it?