Schematics for PSB crossovers ?

Anyone know where I may be able to obtain info on schematics for PSB Stratus Silver "i" speaker crossovers ? Calling PSB was a real bust, as they were unwilling to help. I plan on upgrading all of the components, but have hit a brick wall ... sigh.
You can usually signal-trace the network if you need to make a circuit diagram. Are the components not labeled?

Take some good pics of the xover for reference. That can help identify them. Be advised though, upgrading individual components will be expensive. Depending on the quality and quantity of the parts you replace, it could cost as much as the speakers are worth.
I've upgraded 15 pairs of box speakers and never had a dud. Just take the pics AND hand draw a wiring diagram of the wiring and caps. DO ONLY ONE SPEAKER AT A TIME and then test it for operation. Use silver solder, decent speaker wire and don't spend too much time soldering the wire to the drivers as you will melt the plastic anchors.

Parts quality and cost of course are variable. Solen and Panasonic worked most of the time with Auricap used in only one of my projects.