Schematics for Apogee Dax 1 or 3?

Hello all. I recently acquired a "Dax 1" for use with my Apogee Duetta Signatures (See "New op amps, good idea?"} in this forum and while my technician was going through it for upgrades and tune-up he now finds himself in need of the [apparently hard to find] schematics for this unit. I am told it is virtually identical to the other Apogee dedicated active crossover know as the Dax3. If anyone can help us out i would be very appreciative as this has been a rather extensive project and I'm very excited about seeing it properly completed. PLEASE!
Thanks very much in advance. Best regards, Grant
I'd ask here
Thanks Sussman... Unfortunately, I've been there without great results. But thanks again. Regards
Hi Grant,

If you are interesed in sale your Dax please let my know.
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I know this thread is dated but we did manage to find what we needed to update my Dax 1 and it came out fantastic! Tremendously open and transparent while featuring such remarkable flexibility... all the effort was well worth it as it has now become the heart that drives the soul of a speaker system born well ahead of its time.
My virtual system will be returning "soon"... as the last stages of my 'updating' are complete. (I love this hobby...). Happy Lissn'n