Schematic of Counterpoint SA-5000 preamplifier

Dear friends, I'm writing from Spain. I have a preamplifier SA-5000 that its company Counterpoint produced in the decade of 90. When I acquired it the sound of my equipment hifi improved radically. Since then I've been in love with this preamplifier. After a while the appliance broke down and I had it stored and packed for several years, until one day I decided to repair it. For that I sent it to a technical service outside my province, in Valencia, which in theory was very good. The repair done by this technical service significantly altered the original configuration of the SA-5000, and eliminating 3 valves. After the repair the sound of the preamplifier is no longer the same. I know a Audio technical service that would rebuild it, but I can not find the electronic schematics. Does anyone know where I can find such schematics

Thanks and regards

follow this trail, and you may find the schematic.

The person who sold this unit, did have the schematic. They probably sold it to another member of that forum. If you join that forum (canuck audio mart--note the seller is in quebec), you can then message that person.

They may be able to contact the buyer, and see if the schematic is available.

Also this: