SCHEMATIC for Sophia S.E.T. EL-34 amp

I am not having much luck repairing a Sophia EL-34 amp....I need a diagram and have no idea where to get one....I've tried Sophia Electric of course but no luck......I could use some idea's on this.......Thanks Will
This may be the best reason to not buy a Chinese amp....But we will see if someone replies.......
Its not looking good for the Chinese amp......
Will, I might be able to get this for you via an alternate path (i.e., the amp built under a different moniker).

Please give me a couple of days, I'll get in touch with a friend of mine who handles them.
Thanks, that would be great for the Chinese amp repair..........Thanks again Will
It doesn't look good for the Chinese products.....Can't get a diagram, so I can't repair it properly......This will go to the JUNK pile......Never to play again....US amps win............Chinese amp losses
I too have one of these, and would be more than happy to get a schematic- bought it in the US but live in India.

George: If I ever get one I'll send you one......Will
Dear Autospec:

You should send your el34 amplifier to Sophia Electric's service centers for services. The Sophia Electric's services for amplifiers are reasonable and the turn around are quite fast.

You cry for no schematics, but at this time, did you see Goldmund or any other major high end amplifier makers to share circuit diagram to users?

Simply, the flood of copycats from Far East is a problem. Sophia electric, being an US design and manafacturing company, is no different from Goldmund and others to protect its own design. Posting Sophia Electric design over internet may get you in legal trouble, if you are not careful with fact that U.S. government is taking intellectual property seriously.

Audospec, you may have a Chinese copycat of the Sophia amplifier, otherwise, you should have sent your amplifier to Sophia Electric already.

Washington_highend_audio, are you saying the Sophia products are manufactured here in the USA?
Trelja: I don't think that he said that ??? Or did he ???
LOL! Will, you can forget it! Sophia Electric,Washington High end or whatever will not be reasonable to deal with. Some of there amps are modified in the US Chinese products and some are made here from scratch in the USA. They're not anything special. But seeing how old this thread is,I'm sure you know this by now.
Will, it sure seemed like it, "Sophia electric, being an US design and manafacturing company."

Everything I'd heard up to then was that they were Chinese components with the Sophia name on them. That's why I requested clarification.

If they actually are built here, and I would want to know where the chassis and transformers are sourced (not the company, specifically, but I don't think it's out of line to ask about the country), as well as where initial and final assembly are performed, then people like me who care about this sort of thing would be most happy to hear it.
While I realize this thread is old, I can tell you from experience that the folks at Sophia are very accomodating and quite reasonable with repairs. I have one of their integrated amps, a 300B single ended unit that uses a 206 output tube. It has held up very well over the years and is honestly one of the best sounding amps I have ever heard. I would agree that they are probably reticent to publish their schematic due to piracy concerns.