schematic for a VTL super deluxe

Hello, I am new here and I have a VTL Super Deluxe pre amp and I have talked to VTL and they told me I'm on my own for any service manual or schematic, any thoughts or ideas to find one? Thank you. Jim
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I serviced one of those many years ago. The phono section is exactly the same as what is seen in the Marantz 7C preamp. IIRC the line section is also the same, sans tone controls.
Are you having troubles with it or do you just want a schematic because? If you need it serviced, we still do that sort of work. Its easy to work on and any technician that is good with tubes should have no problems sorting it out even without a schematic. BTW It is getting old enough that replacing the filter capacitors in the power supply is not a bad idea. 
Yeah, great guys over there at VTL.....   Bea and Luke Manley were the worst to deal with " customer service" if you want to call it that,  I've ever experienced..  So rude and condescending......

They should follow companies like McIntosh,  C-J, Bryston, just to name a few who foster loyalty by offering g support on even there oldest gear.   I would never buy a VTL again.....