Schematic diagram Joule Electra OPS-1

Hello. I have a problem with my JE OPS-1 and in my country there isn’t technical service. Can anyone send me a schematic diagram of the phono preamp OPS-1 with the power supply? Thanks and best regards.
can you specify/describe problem? lots of them can be troubleshot with no schematics.
I was going to suggest PM'ing member Spectron who appears to do most of Joule's sales/marketing/customer service these days, but then I remembered, the new Audiogon won't let you do that, anymore. Maybe he has a system listed and you can leave a message for him there. Maybe if you post your email address and he sees this thread, he will contact you.
Please let us know what marakanetz said, probably we can find a solution for you. I have a few friends who are techs.
i repair nearly all band, live sound and studio equipment 95% with no schematics. i also play instruments(guitar, bass keyboards) but i suck on that and prefer to help bands recording, performing, setting up proper live or studio sound, tuning their instruments and fixing their broken and abused amps, pedals, processors etc... hi-fi repair (especially most of SET tube amps designed by amateurs) is substantially less sophisticated.
and yes have had many posts helping to ID and get rid of equipment problems without even looking at unit or schematics.
@Marakanetz, good to know. Im not very experienced repairing stuff, now i know where to go when needing pro support. :)