SCD XA-9000 ES or DVP-9000ES w/modwright level III

Can get either new player ... the DVP with modwright level III mods and Bybee A/C filters for about the same money. System is two channels stereo.

Opinion on Redbood and SACD sound??????? Which way to go?
The Modwright. Hands down.
I second the Modwright. You'll get much better results per dollar than getting a new stock player.

Has anyone compared the relative merit of each stage of modification (I, II, III and Signature)? I would appreciate your opinion. Sorry to butt in Midareff.
Grant I agree, according to my friend, who is familiar
with my DVP 9000esModwright, He prefer the Modwright,
He stated the XA9000es is lean sounding cdp IHS.He also
told me its a good player.I remember emailing Dan,
if He can do mod on this player, that time, He said
NO.I was also planning to replace my AH with upsampler
that time.Justine mine is Signature with level III.
Call Dan, maybe he can help you.I believe he is both
familiar with this players,you have nothing to lose.