SCD-1 v Krell Standard

I plan to replace my Sony 9100ES with a CD/SACD player plus a 1080p DVD player when the dust settles. I have not seen or heard either the SCD-1 or Krell. They both look great in photos and enjoy excellent reviews. Has anyone compared these two?
I've heard both players and in my opinion the Krell was more refined and did a better job resolving detail.
Krell is a very good player. Avoid SACD Standard ver 1, severe transport problems.
The Krell SACD Standard ver.-2 also has problems. The Demo. unit I was auditioning 2-days ago broke-down (transport failure) during the demonstration. The Salesman rolled his eyes and said that it was a common occurance. A great sounding player no doubt, but must be purchased new with the 5-years warranty. I was told that Krell's repair turn-around is very good on this player, at 2-weeks or less. From what I've heard (and read), the transport in this machine is probably good for around 2-yrs, then you are on borrowed time.