SCD-1 v. 777ES

Has anyone compared these two Sony models and found the SCD-1 to be superior in sound quality?
If your system or preamp only allows rca inputs, get the 777. Otherwise there is not much of a difference though SCD1 has a slightly bigger xformer and comes with xlr outs (that sounds analytical due to cheap opamp output stage)

Buy scd 1 if you have long IC or you run with XLR.
Upgrade from 777 to SCD 1 last year and sound slightly better and reduced noise.
I have owned both & could not hear any difference between these players in A/B testing. I had them both hooked up to the same preamp (Hovland HP100) and I used the same exact cables. I simultaneously played two identical CD's on both machines with one player running 5 seconds ahead of the other. This allowed me to hear the same musical passage on both players by simply selecting CD1 or CD2 on the input selector switch. No difference in the sound. However I did keep the SCD-1 simply because I preferred how it looks in my system. They are both a terrific value in the high-end audio market.