ScanSpeak Ellipticor-A50-II (anyone build them?)

Has anyone built them and if so what are you thoughts?


Not your fault @erik_squires . You tried your best to run him off. It was great when he was gone for a while.

"The poor speaker companies. They must be doing all that work for no profit. Perhaps they should increase their prices so that the poor workers can afford to put food on the table?"



If anyone here believes there is a notable profit to be made in speaker manufacturing, or believe staying in business is easy living among groups of some online forum posters who parrot mis-information, think again. Best to stop here and think.

It’s’ a labor of love, and not easy. Some of these smaller businesses can help put some people to work, paychecks hopefully get generated for employees, as long as outside people are not badmouthing and unknowingly sabotaging a company, only then they might have a chance to stay in business. A dicey balancing act.

I too have a great deal of respect for those who can make it work in today’s business. Would be nice to see folks help promote more positive points. We are very lucky to have the remaining manufacturers and choices we do today.

Please don’t ruin it. Go visit a few factories in person and learn more before posting nonsense about what they should or should not be doing. Talk is cheap and can be very damaging to companies who are simply trying to offer something to us.






The problem is, it has been pointed out that we can DIY the speaker for a fraction of the cost. I understand companies have costs to meet but if you can avoid those costs then why bother paying them to do it? Just get the wood cut for you and glue it together and youve got yourself a Magico beater for a fraction of the price. 

It might be a labour of love but that doesnt mean they are not making a lot of money from it.

Much of it is being made in chinese factories thesedays so the excuses about factory and labor costs are simply not true. 

@kenjit Much of it is being made in chinese factories thesedays so the excuses about factory and labor costs are simply not true.


Sure, for those products made and manufactured in China, that’s great.

And, for the handful made in the USA, it’s best to go visit the factories in person and see first hand. DIY designed and built my main audio speakers. And, worked and built speakers ground up in a factory right here in the good old USA.

How about you?


@kenjit I find that its not easy to find a wood worker that will be willing to cut the wood to your measurements. Usually you have to go to a full speaker builder and if you do they often want to do the whole build and the labour costs become quite a lot.