Scansonic sound - Please describe...

Been getting the itch to change things around a bit. From those that have HEARD them....what are their sound characteristics? For some reason I get the feeling the might be all about detail?

I am most likely interested in the 3.5 but suspect there's a family sound.

Long shot: Has any compared them to the PSB Imagine series?
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I guess no one on Agon has ever heard these speakers. Sorry you wasted your time here.......

Thanks x....this helped...and I was able to get some great insight from another member who posted about them in the past.
I heard the Scansonics a few times and I'm very impressed with the sound for the money (after they are *broken in). I just don't know how to describe the sound characteristics. Ideally you want them about 9ft apart - a couple of ft from the back wall and sit back about 9 ft from them.

*IMO they need about 100hrs break in. They sound like one note bass out of the box. They do get a lot better. And NO they do not sound like Raidho's. The tweeter is very close but that's it.