Scansonic mb3.5 vs mb5b

Just wondering if anyone could share some light on why the mb5b costs significantly more than the mb3.5b which actually digs deeper in the low frequency area. I understand that the woofers and midwoofers are run in series to improve power handling etc.. im just curious why the 3.5 costs less than the mb5. I know audio is more than just about the measurments, but what makes the mb5b more special than the mb3.5b (which has a lower price and wider and lower frequency)
Thanks in advance for any and all knowledge anyone may have on the matter.

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Thanks verdantaudio for the very informative reply. Based on everything you said it makes sense why the mb5b would be more costly than the mb 3.5b. As it is, cost wise the 3.5 would make more sense as I would just be experimenting with the scansonic brand. But based on what u said its possible the mb5b would be a better fit in my current environment. Basically the room is roughly 20' wide and 15' deep w 8' ceiling. The only problem I have w the mb5 over the 3.5 is its a bit taller. 2 inches might not seem like a lot, but when it comes to tight spaces too much can be too much, if u catch my meaning ;)
Anyways, all that aside, at the moment I'm sporting Dynaudio C1 platinum for the front L & R. For their size the bass is astounding, and transparency is better than anything I've ever heard in my life.. period. Price wise I know the comparison is a bit skewed, but I still fear I'd be missing out on transparency and detail. Alas, the new Dynaudio Confidence 30 is thousands of dollars more costly than either scansonic model i originally inquired about. Im just wondering if I'd be content with any of the smaller floor standing models from scansonic or if id be disappointed in respect to my current Dynaudio C1 Platinums.