Scansonic mb serie

Does anyone listen MB serie from Scansonic ?
What about the raidho DNA ?
Does thoses speakers sound like a real raidho ?
Hi Xti16, I knew that Xti16 and OctaDyn_Dude are same person, no wonder the praise for the Raidho have the similarities on both forums, thanks for the details.
No, I read in some other forum about the burn in period, I don't remember which fourm, the post was under pioneer_guy, anyhow the bass is started showing some improvements.
Still I don't see the vocal coming out clear, still the midrange is muddy, especially the vocal as if I am hearing from neighboring house(I changed my Chinese 300b to Spec RSA-717ex worth USD4K. thinking that the 300b doesn’t have enough power to drive the MB2.5), still the outcome is same.
And unfortunately I made quick decision to sell my Totem Model'1', sounded neutral and MB2.5 sounds bit of warm and with limited range of sweetpot.

Waiting with crossed fingers to have some improvements on the sound.
Xti16, I met you in Bartlett when I demoed the 2.5. Although very dynamic I ended up not liking them, over bearing bass n my opinion. And 2000 hours for a speaker to break in is crazy. I'll stay happy with my Merlin BME speakers. Maybe I do have a good ear, for an old guy. You have a nice system. Would love to hear it.
I think I am a little bit over 100 hrs since I lost track of time. Per Xti16's suggestion, I plugged some foam (not a lot so the air can still flow) to the bottom port. The bass sounds cleaner and tighter. I invited a few friends over this weekend to listen to my system. They all thought the system is balanced and lively. We tried different USB, interconnect and speaker cables. The system revealed the characteristics of those cables precisely. I had a rocky start but I'm having a lot of fun now. BTW, I also tried USB Regen brought by my friend. That little thing worked beautifully. I'm going to buy one for myself.
Jjue - Glad everything is just starting to come together. Yes I would try to track the hours. I would suggest your next step would be to replace the foam with paper (like paper towels or toilet paper [clean of course LOL]) after 250 hrs. That way you would slowly opening the ports. Unless your room is extremely lively you shouldn't to plug the ports. Are the speakers on carpeting or a hard floor like wood or tile? Padded carpet sounds a lot different than a hard floor even from just the decoupling feet. When I had the D1's granite slabs under the feet added a lot to the mids and sounded a lot better to me. But with the D2's the mids are there without granite slabs. Bass was a bit tighter too