Scam alert. Phony heading.

Member  “ gwalker58” advertising speakers as JBL. 
Shameful or stupid??
They do contain JBL drivers in homemade cabinets. They could be better built than factory. Don't see the scam.
If you feel the ad is misleading, email Tammy in customer support.  She will quickly investigate.
I think the op is referring to his own post as " Scam alert. Phony heading" in a sort of Dystopian Universe sort of way?
She would smoke rabbits if she could catch em. 🐰
Smokin rabbits will really get you hopped up.
Yes elizabeth. Do tell what you’re smokin ;’, )
Dill. With all due respect you obviously have not researched what engineering and technical expertise goes into JBL products. 
Without knowledge what’s a comment worth?
JBL? I remember them. They’re the speakers with the woofers wired backwards, right?
And elizabeth  You must have been thinking of your “Utopian Universe”. Just a little thing and most understandable when one is under the influence... of whatever allows you to create humour and fun :).  Generally I like your poshts ;)
@geoffkait. I think they wired the “whole damn thing” backwards !! : )
@stereo5. Thank you. It’s the heading I find clearly misleading; and like many here; have no time for even small scams. 
I wonder what it feels like to know that deep down you’re a bs’r ? :)
I can answer that last question. It’s the previous ones that give me pause.
Well, he is "asking" a fraction of the cost of the real deal and includes free shipping, with a return policy. The design is using JBL drivers and I bet a clone of the crossovers, in a large, piano black enclosure (built to JBL specs.). It is missing the fancy JBL bellows around the horn. If you look at the last photo, there is a microphone that appears to be making some type of analyzer measurements. Maybe the inflated price of the real deal is the scam??
"  It’s the heading I find clearly misleading;"
Would it be better if he said: High-End JBL Drivers in Custom Speaker Enclosures?
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That’s reality dill