Scaled back to my computer need speakers

I have scaled back to my computer for my music enjoyment. I would like at a minimum have some quality speakers. I am thinking of the following:

Swan M200MKII

Ideas, suggestions appreciated.

NHT M00 and S20 would be a good choice.
This looks like an awfully good price on the Swans. Pretty, too. At $400/pr, the
KRK Rokit Powered 6 Gen 2 should be a contender. I've heard KRKs and they are really good.

Other candidates should be the AudioEngine 2 or 5.
I would like at a minimum have some quality speakers.
Not sure what your budget is but you may want to demo the Dynaudio focus 110a active speakers. MSRP is $2450
There are many good active speakers from which to choose:

I use a pair of KRK VXT6 in my office system. I've been impressed by them. KRK VXT 6

JBL has a new low cost member of their LSR line: LSR 2300 I use the LSR4328s in my main system.
Try the Audioengine 5's. A musical active speaker with plenty of power and some low end. The also have a wood veneer for $100 more. When I checked into active's for a 'puter they were the only ones that made sense to me. Quad makes a couple actives also that are reasonably priced used.
Btw, the Audioengine models come with darn nearly every kind of hookup connection and wires you may need.