Scale and Type of Improvement with Aurender N100H?

What kind and scale of improvement might I expect from replacing the Mac Mini with the Aurender N100H?

FYI, I'm  using a Schiit Gungnir Multibit DAC with the mac and would use same with new server.

Depends on your Mac Mini.

The audio dealer that I bought my Mac Mini from personally owned both the Aurender N100H and the Mac Mini at the same time. The Mac Mini is a 2012 model with i7, 128gb SSD, 16gb RAM, linear power supply, and extraneous processes turned off.

Hi opinion (given to me after the sale was made): They were very close, with a slight nod to the N100H.

I since upgraded the LPS and added an Uptone USB regen unit which improved the sound. I also added a high end usb-spdif converter which also made a positive improvement. I suspect with these additions that my Mac Mini is very competitive with the Aurender N100H.