Scala Utopia

Dynamic, Speed, Stage, Musical

1.VTL 7.5 + MB 450

2.Burmester 088 or 808MK5 + 911 MK3

Which one is better?
I like tubes so for me the answer is clear. If you however really value dynamics and speed the Burmester set up is for you. You might lose a bit of stagem that ii it seems something tubes excell at. I really don't think the musical descriptor means anything specific, as I have seen it applied all over the place and is purely in the minds of the beholder.
That said Focal speaker tend to be on the precise accurate and highly resolving side which many call analytical. With tube electronics and the right cabling you can ameliorate that analytic flavor to a degree. I own Focal and love the sound, but I don't live in the world od astronic prices with no financial constraints.