Scaena versus Pipedreams

Hi Folks:

In 2007, the Scaena speakers blew me away at the NY Audio Show. I have never heard the model 21 Pipedreams or any model from that series. Any comparisons?

Thanks as always.

CT Audio Society
There is no real comparison, the original Pipedreams were built based on 90's technology, and the Scaenas are based on the latest construction and materials technlogies.

The Pipedreams were made out of a one piece wooden enclosure the Scaenas are made out of custom cast stacking, composite pods, with an energy absorbing shape.

The Pipedreams used a dome tweeter and a carbon fiber midrange, driver that were sourced from conventional driver houses, the Scaenas use custom made midrange drivers which took two years to develop and are made by Seas specifically for Sceana, the tweeter is a ribbon with a custom diffusion system.

The Pipedreams passive crossover used good parts, the Sceanea's use custom built extremely expensive teflon caps made specifically for Scaena by RTI.

The Sceanas bass drivers are completely different, in a totally unique cabinet, also the Scaenas use a custom built dsp based room tuning system to integrate the subwoofers to the room.

Other than being the same concept two towers with separate bass cabinets, and having some of the same designers, Mark Porzili and George Bishoff, there is really no similarity.

The speakers by the way sound considerably better than they did in 2007, there is a new custom silver wiring, new RTI caps, and many other improvements.