SC's and IC's for Dynaudio C1 and JR Continuum 500

Currently running a pair of C1's powered by Jeff Rowland Continuum 500, source is Chord DAC64.

I've read some articles recommending Cardas Golden Reference, Kubala etc.. and some told to stay away from Nordost.

Currently considering Supra Sword, Cardas Golden Reference, Kimber KS3033, and was initially considering Nordost.

Anyone feedback/comments/opinion appreciated!
I cannot comment on synergy between your electronics and the C1's but I have what I believe to be a comparable system in the boulder 865 + Simaudio Andromeda and C1's.......

The C1's are extremely revealing speakers as I'm sure you would agree and are very sensitive to cable changes (or nuances if you prefer.)

I started with a lower end MIT and thought things were good until I switched to the Acoustic Zen absolute IC's/SC's and couldn't believe what I was missing......

Then, Nordost Valhalla IC's/SC's- talk about hyper resolution- this is it. If you are looking for every last detail on the disc this is your ticket. Not really my cup of tea though.... I think I prefer the more organic (i.e. laid back),psychedelic sound of the Acoustic Zen's.

Now Pranwire Nataraja IC's only (still using the AZ Absolute SC)- I'm looking for the SC's used as this is a price level outside my sanity threshold. The Prana's have all the resolution and detail you could ever need with a soundstage that will amaze. They make listening fun again rather than analytical which I feel the C1's can sometimes be.....Truly a work of art in every respect.

I still own all of the cables listed above to compare and contrast with one another.... these are my current experiences, not from some distant memory. YMMV.

Have fun
For SCs why not try OCOS cables. They are made for (and I believe by) Dynaudio.

I don't have Dynaudio speakers, but I use the OCOS speaker cables and they are very neutral. I use a 5.5m run.

On another note the Supra Cables are very good as well. The Sword interconnects worked well in my system. For SC I used the Supra Ply 3/4. I think these will set you back $12/ft. Supra cables are also very neutral.
Thanks guys for the reply,
i agree that the C1's are quite analytical, my housemate uses Usher BE-718 and we did an AB test and found that his Usher was also slightly warmer, though midrange not as clear as my C1's.

As for the OCOS cables i haven't listened to them before, but i've read some discussions claiming they were not so good.
I was seriously considering getting a pair of Supra swords XLR IC's and SC's, that being said, i prefered a slightly laid back, warmer sound and i was afraid the Supra Swords might not be up to it.

I've read great reviews from Dynaudio users using Cardas Golden Reference, or Golden Cross cables, wondering anyone has used similar gear to mine (JR Continuum 500) with those cables before?.
I have a Bryston B100 with the C1's and it did take a very long time to decide on my speaker cables but I did choose the Nordost Frey. At first listen I thought they were 'thin' sounding but after several weeks I realized I really heard the 'air' between the vocals and instruments. Better attack and decay. Very relieving!! I did have a Nordost demo case for cables for 8 weeks which gave me time to make a decision. I've had the cables for 11 months and would only consider moving up in the Nordost line.

That being said I also really like the Kubala Sonsa Emotion speaker cable but it reminds me of a fire hose not garden hose and is very heavy. I personally didn't want too much pulling force on the speaker connectors.

As far as IC's I use the Fusion Audion Interlocker II which is a little forward but at least for me it mates well with the Frey speaker cable.

It's your money and everyone has a different taste in type of sound. Ideally try to demo cables in your home on your system.

Most important have fun.
If you are looking for a warmer sound then OCOS or Supra would not be the choice IMO.

Cardas good be a good choice depending on the model. I would also consider the Fusion cables as you mentioned. Eric is great to deal with and they do impart a warmer sound. I used to own the Interlocker ICs and Predator power cords.

Another option could be the Stealth PGS (used) or other cables that use gold. Examples include Gabriel Gold and Jade Audio, both of which I have had ein my system.
I have the exact same setup: JR Continuum 500 + Dynaudio C1. Source is Esoteric X-03se and Im running Cardas GR SC/IC (RCA) now. I like them. They work pretty well on classicals.
Hi guy's i have a few friend's with deep pockets NOT ME they ALL use Stealth ic's a few use Indras and a few use Sakras yes they are expensive BUT man do they sound good of course all four systems are over 100k with my little 20k system i will stick with my Gabriel Gold ic's they are pretty darn good for the price.
So Mr.Acoustat, if you know, what speaker cables to your friends with Indras/Sakra ICs use? Thanks in advance.

I have the Stealth ICs but now would like something more affordable than the Stealth speaker cables.

(For now, I'm using some old Synergistic Resolution Ref. .5 speaker cables. They are pretty nice I have to say.)