SB3 using external DAC on Cambridge Audio 840C?

Has anyone considered the idea of connecting an SB3 to the DAC in the Cambridge 840C? The DAC specs on the 840C look as good or better than any other external DAC in the price range? For example the 840C has dual differential DACs from Analog Devices (one for each channel) whereas most external DACs in the same price range have just one. Plus you also get a CD player.

Although a lot of people may have been hoping to retire their CD-player after buying an SB3 and ripping their CD collection to lossless (I know I was) I have decided to keep a CD-player for numerous reasons. Since I also need an external DAC to improve the sound from the SB3, I thought the Cambridge 840C would be an attractive combination. But I haven’t read about anyone using an SB3 with an 840C so I am wondering if there’s something I’m missing?
Yup, did exactly that and it worked great -- the 840c DAC is a big improvement over the DAC in the SB3.
I tried this too. If you go over the the Digital forum and look at the current 840C thread you'll see what I wrote. While I felt ultimately that my current DAC worked better in my system, I think the 840C could be just the ticket in someone else's. I thought it worked very nicely as both a standalone player and as a DAC for my SB3.